Remind yrself, not us PM

In Economy, Political economy, Political governance on 11/05/2012 at 5:10 am

(Or “Is PM on the same channel as S’poreans?”)

“Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has said the Hougang by-election should not distract the country from focusing on national priorities and building an inclusive Singapore,” CNA reports.

Either this is the latest of PM’s tasteless jokes in his attempt to outdo Tharman as the cabinet’s and PAP’s mgt committee’s stand-up comic, or it shows us that he doesn’t even bother to glance thru the nation-building constructive local media.

Because if he does, he would realise that “national priorities and building an inclusive Singapore” are at the top of most voters’ concerns: the state of the economy and public transport infrastructure, and of family finances. Examples:

— a MRT system that does not breakdown almost every other day,

— less crowded trains and buses,

— lower inflation (even the crown prince of jokers says the latest inflation number is “a high figure” though he quickly quipped that it didn’t affect most of us “lesser mortals” (my words not his),

— how to earn more money,

— how to afford to own a HDB flat on $2,000 a month,

— how to buy a van (what with escalating COE prices), or

— worrying that ”Our system of integration doesn’t work. Why? Because before we were able to integrate those who were received on our territory, others arrived. Having taken in too many people, we paralysed our system of integration.”

A worrying tot has juz struck me. What if his (and the PAP’s) “national priorities and building an inclusive Singapore” are different from us “lesser mortals”? He wants faster economic growth via becoming a low-cost producer as “national priorities”, while “building an inclusive Singapore” means treating FTs better than locals?

  1. He did say Singaporeans are his top priority. Does he mean he screw first Singaporeans by giving out pink ICs freely to immigrants?

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