SMRT mgt failures: What does it say abt SAF?

In Infrastructure on 11/05/2012 at 10:19 am

“The experts questioned having the bus bridging services ply a route mirroring the entire train line as this may not be the most effective way to move people. They suggested that the bus bridging services should ferry commuters to one to three stations, or to the next working station.”

Huh? Having been lucky enough not to kanna caught in one of these disruptions (my 87-yr old mum on her only second MRT outing was at a station when a disruption occured), I’m surprised to learn that this wasn’t done or that it isn’t now SOP?

Given that it is a well-known fact, I believe, that retired SAF officers are given senior jobs at SMRT (presumably because they have the experience of managing large and complex organisations), I’m surprised that foreign experts recommended the following “fairly common sense and not rocket science” command and control procedures:

We need genuine Talents to help us run our public transport systems, not ex-SAF officers, M’sian PRs or PRC bus drivers that we have been getting. And no “ang moh tua kee” attitude when getting Talents please. Hongkies, Japs, Taiwanese and Koreans who speak Inglish should be considered. No PRCs because China’s MRT systems are very new.

As to our defence, are we spending money foolishly on hardware, when what we need are a few good men? The government should be worried. It’s not us “lesser” citizens are at risk. It’s the FTs and rich S’poreans who need protection. An Indonesian pirate chief after reading of SMRT’s failures despite employing retired SAF colonels, may be tempted to raid Sentosa Cove, plunder it and kidnap people.

  1. Now we can see why our nation building MSM do not mention like to mention the failings of S’pore Inc. An Indonesian priate may just get the idea of sacking Sentosa Cove or Resort World from reading your blog (but the daft 60.1% are oblivious to the damage that $$$million talents are wrecking on the country).

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  3. Oh please… we do not need “talents”… Singapore cannot handle a few more “talents” like Saw Phaik Hwa and her SAF trained “talents”. Just give us people with common sense, not “talents” with special needs. Also, one should note that LTA is full of ex-SAF “talents”. It’s really a bunch of “talents” with special needs leading “talents” with special needs.

  4. I once worked as an external contractor for SMRT and went to several stations and depots. At one of the stations (10 mile junction I believe) I saw a letter pasted on the wall enforcing discipline in the usual SAF language… and that letter was signed by some senior exec with an army rank (NS) prefix.

    Imagine another train breakdown and these ex-SAF generals started barking down at their staff to ‘command and control’ the civilian general public taking the MRT? I think its safer for these ex-SAF morons to STFU and quietly collect their paycheck rather than causing more PR nightmares for SMRT/SBS.

  5. Singapore has been manage by “GroupThink” of the Elitist Class for a long time already. Is that why some countries’s president or prime minister can only allow to serve 2 terms only for life? There must be a good reason. Can anyone elaborate further?

  6. What I have always emphasized is that they armed themself with a piece paper with no experience but all the string pulling and bullshits, thought that they the organisation will move on automatically. What can be visualized they have put to waste many of the Country’s resourses, especially all the money spend but cannot get things done right, people with the experienced were replaced by them, why? because they felt that their positions will be threathen, that is why. Placing all their cronnies where they are, so that matters will be covered up easily should they, or anything goes wrong. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENDED TO TODAYS’ MRT LINE.
    Off course we will have to admit that ware and tear will take place but not to a pretty new line like ours in Singapore. Hope the enquiry will be thorough and will reveal the true happenings that can put all things to their right prospective.

  7. Have you watched “Yes, Minister” and then “Yes, Prime Minister.”? I can assure you that the stereotype is very true and it applies to our government and military as well

    In Japan, the word they use is amakudari – i.e. retiring civil servants into top positions in industry, etc. Same applies to military officers. It will never be labelled as corruption, since the Old Man has brained-washed us that academics is the last word in human ability and talent.

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