Hougang: PAP, scared huh?

In Humour on 19/05/2012 at 7:06 am

I juz read that the PAP has not yet announced rally dates, and that Desmond Choo said he would announce his rally dates “in due course” and he would have “as many as needed”.

Juz wondering if PAP scared that no-one will turn up, and that ST cannot help “fix” the pixs of the rally crowds.

Now this is going to cost the PAP dear. “We see ourselves as a multicultural Hougang. It’s not going to be just a Chinese place, a Teochew place, it’s a place for everyone to be in,” said Choo. The Teochews in Hougang, or so I’m told, see it as Teochew land, though they have no problems with other Chinese or races living there.

And the other dumb thing was that he said it to a Malay audience (7% of Hougang) who turned against the PAP in 2011, costing the PAP Aljunied, despite the PAP promising to make aMalay jnr minister standing in Aljunied, Parly Speaker if PAP won Aljunied.

He shld have tried an Indian audience, given the prominence that TOC has given to allegations by an ex-WP MP candidate that Sylvia Lim made an anti-Indian remark. The WP denied she made the remark and even our constructive, nation-building local media reported the denial. Not so TOC. It followed up the initial statement by said Indian by another statement where, among other things, he said that he did not accuse the WP of being racist. Right, and he is as white-skinned as a Chinese beauty from Suchou.   

Keep us entertained Desmond.

  1. The WP rallies will be interesting to watch. What if the number of people show up EXCEEDS the number of voters in HG? How will ST report it? “Overwhelming show of force?”

  2. //We see ourselves as multicultural Hougang…not just teochew..”

    This smacks of something I’d heard before when the almighty single-party leaders said Singapore is a multicultural global city…not singaporeans only”…wow, see what happens, the million influx to pollute my place. This doesn’t bode well. So was the wet market removed and I heard new condos are coming up?

  3. First he is his own man.
    Then he was ushered in by Tharman.
    Then he was supported by Teo, Khaw and Heng.
    Now the own man brings in the big man, LHL.
    Maybe he will be flanked by a bigger-man – his alter-ego.
    Keep us entertained.

    • In his genes? Like uncle like nephew? Remember uncle “inspiration” was a PAP MP jailed for cheating and who is being charged for CBT etc.

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