Hougang: ST photo coverage

In Political governance on 22/05/2012 at 5:35 am

Don’t know whether you noticed, but ST has, in my opinion, a very subtle agenda in its photo coverage. Practically every photo of Desmond Choo shows him with “lesser mortals” (i.e. the “little people” he, and his bosses, claim he (and they and the PAP) wants to help. But when it comes to Png, the photos are a mixed bag. Quite a number show him with party leaders. There was one that showed him in the background, clearly visible, but in the foreground was Low. And to make it worse for Png, there was beside it, a big photo, of Desmond Choo with a “lesser mortal”: Png is Low’s proxy but Desmond cares for the people seems to be the message.

And on Sunday, there was a photo of Desmond, friend of the “little people”, juxtaposed with one of a “triumphalist” Png waving to WP supporters with party leaders in the background.

All in all ST is getting more subtle. Remember in 2006, it was caught “fixing” a photo on the size of the crowd at a WP rally. It was Alex Au who pointed out that the shot gave a misleading impression of the size of the crowd.

As for Today, its photos of Desmond also tend to show him as “Desmond the compassionate, caring”. But there isn’t the attempt to paint Png as a Low’s “proxy”.

  1. Mouthpiece. They not only do the talk, they also walk the walk for PAP.

  2. PAP controls the press. That’s why they still own the 60%.

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  4. Despiccable, isn’t it?

  5. Good observation:)

  6. The traditional and mainstream media always put the Opposition Parties in the bad light. They are the propaganda machines of the PAP. The people of Singapore must stop this PAP Juggernaut before it consumes all of us. Find out and research the truth for yourself and let us build a Singapore where everybody (including peoples wtih diffferent political views, ideas, viewpoints,etc) has a stake in the wellbeing and prosperity of Singapore.

  7. propaganda, as usual.

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