Northern ASEAN: Dark clouds threaten the sunny weather

In Emerging markets on 23/05/2012 at 7:09 am

Thailand’s recovering from late last yr’s floods. GDP up 11% Q on Q.

But inflation is a problem that the govmin is trying hard to solve, not make sick jokes* like our finance and trade ministers (also governor and deputy governor of central bank). But then if Thais get angry, they riot, not juz bitch anonymous online abt it.

(BTW, the int’l manufacturing hub hard disk drive industry is now in Thailand It was once here.)

Money will pour into Burma but the country is ill-prepared to cope with the resulting floods


*Because more than half of the headline inflation rate of 5.2% came from higher COEs for cars and the effect of higher market rent on houses, most S’poreans would not be affected by inflation. The vast majority of Singaporeans who already own their homes and are not buying new cars would not feel the effects of these sharp increases. And the increase in prices of daily necessities and essential services such as food and clothing have actually been much more moderate at 3% or lower.

  1. It is the World’s most expensive piece of paper which is worth two tonnes of metal so to say. It is also the world’s first requirement to own a vehicle which is supposely meant to curb the volume of vehicles but it has turn out not to be what it was meant for. Then out came the ERP’s more then neccessary, but also doesn’t serve its purpose. They have all become money spinners for the Government’s Coffer. Increase in prices of almost everthing you name it except the miserable wage for the poor.
    Does not all the above added up caused INFLATIONS to the low wage earners and yet they were saying THIS DOES NOT AFFECT SINGAPOREANS.

  2. Yes, nothing affects Singaporeans. Its true.

    Many rounds of property cooling measures have zero impact
    Showrooms are still crowded with people and wow… look at the cars they drive too!
    With maids chasing after kids.. life is beautiful here.

    COE has zero impact
    ERP has lagi no impact.. just stand at Shaw centre junction or Sim Lim junction and watch the many cars… with care free, money no problem.. drive straight through $2 charge.

    NATAS fair has attracted even higher sales for this year.. lots of families are off on holidays!
    The maids get to stay with aunts, uncles for safe custody

    Stock market can even bounce up the minute someone says “Greece will stay”
    ok, it dropped to day..back to square 1 .. but can you see the gambler behaviour?

    Malaysia has protests.. but who cares?..
    Thailand has floods, who cares?
    Indonesia economy slowing… who cares?

    Now, with Japan’s credit ratings lowered… did it affect Singapore?
    What about the A$?.. well, no worries mate!.. Perth is still there right?

    Hougang? what about it?.. PNG? Papua New Guinea?

    Even old man is enjoying summer breeze in the Imperial Palace.

    The Singaporean has arrived at paradise

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