PngGate: Nothing more than a distracting sideshow

In Political economy on 23/05/2012 at 6:37 am

Ah so, so selling one’s soul is pointless. The person who leaked the WP’s minutes of meeting which showed that Png had misrepresented when he said he had removed his name from the ballot must be banging his balls in frustration. Png and WP cocked-up in the handling of DPM’s Teo comments abt Png, but thaz abt all. I doubt this would affect the voters views, even though the constructive, nation-building media (see today’s ST) is bitching about “dishonesty”, being more PAP than DPM Teo.

I have a shrewd guess on who leaked it. His hatred of Low has perverted the character of a decent, fair chap, turning him into a “I hate Low” zombie. I wish him a speedy recovery from his fixation.

On a separate issue, what I found most interesting abt the minutes was that it showed that Eric Tan had decent support for his bid to be NCMP but that GG had more votes. So Eric had supporters on the central executive council who appreciated his hard work and wanted to recognise his efforts. And not all the WP CEC members are cold, rational, calculating machines (Let’s face it, even as Eric’s friend, I think that giving the post to GG was in WP’s long-term interest, and still do despite GG’s “C-” performance in parly), or Low’s acolytes.

Back to Png and WP. WP has “malfunctioned” again, despite, or because of, having three lawyers as MPs. I hope the WP starts repairing and oiling its machine ASAP before something serious happens like getting disqualified in an election (2001). Both in the handling of YawGate and PngGate it made silly, avoidable mistakes. WP needs to get the machine to function as it did in 2006 (Garbra Gomez’s antics notwithstanding: BTW he took responsibility for the 2001 mess-up) and 2011 GEs.


Nice to hear that Eric Tan has confirmed that Png told him before meeting that he didn’t want NCMP post.

  1. Whether Png is NCMP or not what difference does it make. Or is it out to prove something. Why does a top Minister and the Media make it so big as if the whole world is going to collapse just because of a piece of paper. Just let the voters judge for themselves who to vote for, is what matters.

  2. Distracting sideshow it may be but it is achieving its objective of demoralising the WP volunteers.

  3. ST has colluded with PAP to hijack the WP’s agenda and reduce WP’s gain earned in the past rallys. IMHO, resorting to slime campaign again Png means PAP has run out of idea to win Hougang back from WP.

  4. Another petty antics by PAP, but pale in comparison to what their bullying on the grounds look like. Shame on a party that claims to be “honorable and gentleman”. LHL is turning out to be no difference that LKY. Only difference – he is acting blur, unlike his father, who owns up to most of his scare tactics.

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