S’pore bashing at its worst

In Economy, Political economy on 05/06/2012 at 7:27 am

Reading this, one ends up asking, “If things are so screwed up here, why isn’t S’pore as poor as Bangladesh, Laos, Cambodia or Burma?”

There are problems: rising inequality, persistent low productivity (despite all the govmin talk and campaigns), lack of local entrepeneurs complacent BSing ministers, and bad public transport. But taz not the same as saying that S’pore is an economic disaster like Bangladesh.

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  2. When PM Lee KY was selling his brand of capitalism to the Burmese King,Senior General Than Shwe during one of their meetings,Senior General Than Shwe asked him:”wow,like that you said open everything to all the foreigners,what would Singapore itself be left with?”and there was no report about the reply from Mr Lee KY.
    Burma is a resource rich country,it should follow its own development model,instead of Western MNCs and State Capitalism(with finance emphasis) model of Singapore,and definitely no no on leegalised gaming dens.

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