If SamL’s a vandal, are these not vandals too?

In Political governance on 27/06/2012 at 6:01 am

The police took the antics of the Sticker Lady very seriously, explaining a few weeks ago how the police had to divert substantial resources to identify the culprit behind the case saying, “vandalising public property is a very irresponsible act”. And that it cost money, time and effort to clean up after her.

Err so how come nothing has been done in my private housing estate since then to clean up acts of vandalism that would put the lady to shame, and to arrest the culprits?

It’s not as though it would be difficult to identify the vandals. They left their telephone numbers behind.

Let me explain. Within a 50m of my home, property agents and money lenders have been sticking up ads prominently displaying their telephone numbers. These are pasted on the public property, on electricity boxes, They read

Legal Loans : 90158055/ 84692899

Legal Loans : 93910045/ 98955254

Legal Moneylender: 90158055/ 93910045

Urgent buyer [of property] …/ Serious doctor …: 82855947

They make the place look like a slum (OK, OK I exaggerate a lot, but the public property has been turned into free ad billboards for money lenders and property agents at no benefit to the taxpayer). And have no artistic merit at all. They are juz black print on white paper.

I can understand the importance of zero tolerance policing and the arrest of the Sticker Lady in the context of zero tolerance policing. I cannot understand why property agents and money lenders are exempt from zero tolerance policing rules. Nor why these stickers are not removed. In M’sia, property agents and money lenders pay the police bribes to ensure they are allowed to put up illegal ads. Same here too? After all, if ex senior Home Team leaders are accused of offering contracts in return for sex, what should junior officers do?

Or is it OK to put up “commercial” stickers that deface public property but not arty-crafty scribblings? Or are property agents and lenders different? Like Woolly Wally Woffles’s employee who escaped prosecution, they work for the rich?

Penultimately, a wicked tot. If the money lenders and property agents are arrested, will “The PAP govmin are bastards” netizens (Andrew Loh, SG Hard Truths and Fabrications about the PAP are not in this group of “The PAP are always wrong”) rush to their defence saying, “The ads are so artistic. They are great examples of minimalist chic: black on white”.

Finally an apology to Sam the Sticky Lady. When I read the ST report where her dad described her as being traumatised by her arrest, I tot, “What a spoilt brat who thinks that she entitled to break the law with impunity. Thinks S’pore is her grandfather’s property when she is not a Lee or Tan”. But in view of the revelations of the culture of deceit and fakery at STOMP, ST could be misrepresenting the facts about how she felt on being arrested.

  1. Maybe because they leave their phone numbers, the police have identified them and will not pursue further as they are mostly bums and parasites like those holding membership in GROs like RCs, CCCCs. Or they may even be relatives of, if not cadre members themselves, who can deliver votes?
    What do you think?
    Perhaps, like the story of the emperor’s new clothes, it takes a 17 year old kid to say that the emperor has no clothes?

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  3. My sentiments are the same as yours regarding the nuisance that these estate agents/ money lenders/ junk flier distributors pose. I stay in a HDB flat, and I see these stickers being pasted inside lift walls and fliers dump all over my gate. While dumping litter on my gate is not vandalism per se, it is littering isn’t it. It is frustrating when the authorities do nothing about it. (Sorry, i know i skewed off towards littering in this comment.)

    • It’s OK. Stickers are worse in HDB flats. As to litter, litter-bug residents throw out the junk mail from their boxes on ground. They are the litterers. CCTV cameras needed?

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