The school that produces religious leaders

In Humour on 01/07/2012 at 6:32 am

As an RI boy I’m mortified that pastor Kong, the present Methodist bishop of S’pore, and Shi Ming Yi, the monk and former head of Ren Ci hospital are from RI.

I mean RI is a government school, not a mission school like ACS or SJI. Its values should be secular not religious, it shouldn’t be training religious leaders. Or is it because schools like ACS and SJI have become less religious? I mean the head of Trinity Thrological College is from RI too. Where are the ACS brats that should be running the Methodist church here and training its leaders? Screwing under-age prostitutes?

No, I’m not mortified that Shi Ming Yi and Kong have lots of money and flaunted, nor that Shi Ming Yi was convicted of various crimes relating to the misuse of a charity’s funds, nor that Kong is accused of the same.

Nothing wrong with having money and being intelligent (albeit on the Dark Side), but I’m mortified that they were so indiscreet about their wealth.

  1. Maybe they are ahem “benchmarking” their standard of living to the political leaders… Religious leaders also make a big sacrifice u know, and if u dont have a big condo and bank a count will people respect you? fish rots starting from the head.

  2. it is the fashion now to flaunt your wealth, to be utterly crass
    about it, and uncouth to boot. you can spot a rich man a mile
    away now – he’s the one with no manners, who’s so insecure
    he needs to advertise he’s got money And expects pple to bow
    and pander to him becos of that. where the heck is goh keng
    swee and his warnings about not flashing wealth when you need

  3. (ACS brats) Screwing under-age prostitutes? Are you serious?

  4. Those from ACS and SJI prefer their callings to be ministers in the PAP cabinet.

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