Whatever happened to Yau?

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This report about how the NDP is set to look like Singapore’s cityscape reminded me of the mystery over the sudden resignation of Chief Guards Officer, Colonel Nelson Yau Thian Hock, in March this year. It left the Organising Committee of the National Day Parade (NDP) 2012 without a chairman.

As he was a high-flyer who was expected to be promoted to Brigader General (assuming a successful NDP) later this year, speculation was rife on his abrupt resignation for “personal reasons”. The mainstream media reported that he was not under any internal investigation for MINDEF, nor he was not asked to resign. Nor were there comments on what a irresponsible thing to do, resigning suddenly, months before the event.

It was rumoured that he was going to contest the Hougang by-election for the PAP (“Yau to replace Yaw” get it?). Slightly more creditable was the rumour that one of the MPs in PM’s GRC would step down, and PM would call a by-elections in his GRC and in Hougang. The PAP would say that if it won both, the two would merge into one GRC.

Then there were the rumours that he was another client of the under-aged prostitute that had snared other seniorish government employees, and private-sector professionals.  But his name has not appeared among those charged, though there are rumours that there a few more people are to be charged (including a prominent activist). But I’ve been reliably told that there are no plans to charge anyone else in this case.

Then there was a rumour that he was dying. Nothing further on this rumour.

Whatever it is, he has not surfaced in the private sector or GLC sectors, my head -hunter friends tell me. Nor as a private contractor (mercenary), a market where British and American ex-officers often find lucrative second careers. But then they are warriors who are combat-honed and experienced, not combat-trained toy soldiers.

  1. Thought the rumor was about his sick wife?
    Anyway, seems like none of the rumors have actualized.

  2. I believe it’s really personal reasons. Colonel is a respectable rank to reitre to. BG means you’ve bootlicked.

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