Why Lord Rothschild is focusing on US

In Energy, Temasek on 10/07/2012 at 6:50 am

Recently Lord Rothschild, a 70-something deal-maker and shrewd investor, teamed up with the Rockefeller* family office. He said the US was the place to invest in because of its growing oil production. The two charts in this link explains what he means.

Well Temasek is buying into North America, though its flagship investment is one dog with fleas

Interestingly Lord Rothschild, unlike Temasek, has no plans to invest in Europe. BTW, he has a palace on the Greek island of Corfu. Time to buy the island?


*The first rich Rockeffer made his fortune in oil refining and distribution.

  1. Rockefeller and Rothschild Dynasties Join Forces officially this year 2012.
    Lord Rothschild is no doubt the best deal-maker but not sure about ‘shrewd investor’,normally the best deal maker takes the money.
    But with Euro days numbered,I don’t really know who in Temasek came out with this fantastic idea of buy “Europe” with our hard-earned money.

  2. Does not matter who, so long as the idea is as fantastic as Micropolis or ABC Learning or Shin Corp, people are getting rich making deals.

  3. carlos slim buying up europe, though he is very selective

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