Markets: Like last yr meh?

In Financial competency on 13/07/2012 at 7:57 am

So, is this July and August going to be as bad as last year’s for the stock markets? Remember the plunges: Reasons to think things why could get steadily worse.

— jobs are being created at a snail-like pace in the US,

— in  China the decision to cut interest rates suggests the economy there could be in a worse state than had been feared,

— last Friday, German bonds and US Treasuries rose sharply and the euro tumbled to the lowest level against the dollar since the beginning of June,

— France has to cut reduce its budget deficit when it has promsed to spend, spend, and

— the Greeks, Italians and Spainards are trying to weasel out of their promises to reform.

The oil price fell 3.2% in New York last Friday – and this was at the end of a week when Iran had been testing missiles and threatening tanker supplies in the Persian Gulf, which should normally have jerked prices upwards.


  1. Market will be worst than last year.

  2. This is not normal time…

  3. The markets may get worse, but since there is so much money swashing around, the markets will bounce right back within a day or 2.

    There are far more buyers than there are sellers. Everyone is waiting for the crash, yes.
    But are they getting out for fear of the crash or having the greed to buy cheap?

    I will bet my last dollar that many are just waiting for the “right” time to buy.

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