Another co decides not to list on SGX

In Corporate governance on 23/07/2012 at 6:48 am
Reliance Communications  postponed the Singapore listing of its undersea cable division. In a statement the group said it would “await supportive market conditions and easing of prevailing global uncertainties to proceed with the offering/listing at an appropriate time in the future”.
OK, so my headline is misleading. But MU too delayed its posting for a similar reason and now has gone to the US. F1 too delayed its listing and the constructive, nation-building MediaCorp reported that it might not be listing here after all.
And as I bitched earlier, the FT ang moh CEO’s contract has been renewed, and that his number two is also an FT. 
WTF!!!!!  Ang Moh and other FTs tua kee? 
Especially since the ang moh is talking big about attracting big IPOs (especially Asian ones). Missed maybe three in a row.  

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