Wonder if Bank of S’pore provides this kind of service?

In Banks on 04/08/2012 at 7:15 am

Or if DBS’s and UOB’s private banks are even trying?

Coutts recalls a story when a client dropped his wallet over the side of his yacht. One satellite-phone call later and the bank couriered out cards and cash to the next port he was going to. Then there was the diabetic client who got straight off an aircraft and into back-to-back meetings. When he finally checked into his hotel, there was nothing on the menu he could eat, so he called his bank – obviously – which duly sent a taxi there, complete with restaurant recommendations.

Private banks even send their clients’ children on boot camps for offspring of the ultra-rich. AH Loder Advisers has an annual dog sled expedition across the Arctic. While billed as leadership training, these trips are as much about ensuring the children stay with the bank when they inherit.

  1. There is no “free” lunch here. You are better off paying for these “luxuries” with your own money, and not a cent more.

  2. Yes, no free lunch.

    They called me and asked me to join their ‘club’. I asked:

    Me: ” Can I have a free look to see what is offered?”
    Club: “No, I am afraid we don’t do that”

    Me: Then, perhaps tell me what I can expect?”
    Club: ” Well, we consolidate all your accounts and you just need to call one number to handle everything”

    Me: “Such as?”
    Club: ” We can offer you twin currencies swap and you can also get access to one on one discussions with our CIO”

    Me: “I am not interested in swaps, and I already am getting info from your shares and securities people, I am pretty satisfied with that. So what is there for me?
    Club: ” You just open an account with us and maintain x amount and do some trades through us”

    Me: “Hmmm, open an account? but I already have more than 3 accounts with you in various departments.. thats how you knew about me.
    Club: ” Thats why its so much easier to open just one account and you can do everything through us”

    Me: ” Thanks, but no.”

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