Not reported here: another “little speck” wins 7 Olympic gold medals

In Media on 23/08/2012 at 5:16 am
5.3m people: 7 gold, 2 silver & 3 bronze medals. Puts “our” one bronze medal for 5.2m people in perspective doesn’t it? 
The place is Yorkshire, England, which is celebrating after its athletes won a total of 12 Olympic medals, which would see Yorkshire placed 12th  or 13th (Khazakstan had 13 medals but it had only one silver medal) in the medal table if it was an independent country*. Read more:
(BTW, Yorkshire County Cricket Club, a cricketing power in English county cricket  “put themselves at a disadvantage from 1968 until 1992 by insisting that all its players must have been born within the historic county boundaries of Yorkshire while all the other county teams strengthened themselves by signing overseas Test players. In 1992, the birth qualification rule was first modified to include those educated within the county, a dispensation that allowed Michael Vaughan to play; and was then abandoned altogether. Yorkshire’s first overseas player that season was 19-year old Sachin Tendulkar.” Wikipedia entryn on Yorkshire County Cricket Club)
We got one bronze, courtesy of three PRC she gladiators. What price glory? 
And this shows countries that underperform or overperform at the Olympics. Although S’pore is not mentioned, HK is. It undeperperforms winning only one bronze, when it should have won seven medals. Our PRC gladiator team with two bronzes would put us above it, but still an underperformer.
**Australia and Japan were 10th and 11th with seven gold medals too.
  1. My fair comment is, we can be jubiliant over all our successes but we must be humble. Our Country is paying a hefty price for a small little success and boasting about it, which is not neccessary

    • We have to brag so that our daft Singaporeans can understand the necessity for our leeder’s policy of wide open immigration of foreign talent, without which we will fold and shrivel and this island paradise will turn into tropical nirvana.

      • Don’t underestimate locals. Many excels at very high level (e.g. music/art.) Unfortunately, (too) many are now living overseas.

  2. My alma mater Stanford claimed to have won 12 golds. Not sure by what measure though. lol

  3. The report did not specify the number of FTs that Yorkshire, England sent to the game,it would be interesting as many FTs from ex-Commonwealth countries have moved to UK and settled there,including many Africans and Muslims,etc

    • Not everyone like PAP. A double gold medalist was called “plastic British”. As she pointed out, she went there age 8 as a refugee.

      • Yes,agree that others’ FTS are very much different like PAP’s FTs,hope they see the light soon.

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