Tharman admits FTs can become citizens without integrating?

In Political governance on 27/08/2012 at 9:27 am

I juz read this in amazement: “DPM Tharman urges new citizens to form ties with S’poreans”.

Shouldn’t these new citizens have “formed” ties with S’poreans before they become citizens? What he says implies that FTs who become citizens are allowed to do so in a bubble. They don’t have to integrate with us. They are juz “urged to” after they become citizens.

If so, then this is another example of shumething “Uniquely S’porean”.

In other countries, FTs are not made citizens until after they undergo citizenship training, and passing tests to show they understand what being a citizen means. The training includes integrating with locals. Juz ask the British, US, Australian and NZ governments. FTs have to undergo integration training before they become citizens.

  1. If the new citizens prove that they are unable to integrate by getting Australian, Canadian or US citizenship, we will take back their red passports.

  2. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single DPM Tharman “new citizens to form ties with S’poreans” is a small step from “Singaporeans must tolerate foreigners”.
    I wonder when “Foreigners must accept Singapore’s unique multi-racial life style before they can apply for citizenships” will come

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