PM: This is xenophobia

In Political governance on 06/09/2012 at 6:06 pm

It’s different from disagreeing with you and the PAP on the need of FTs or being “ungracious” towards them, as mee siam hum (yr speciality) is from kway teow char with hum. Remember you got the two dishes mixed up yrs ago?

 … a video I had watched on the internet before setting out. It showed a man – possibly from central Asia or the Caucasus – being dragged through a forest. It’s like some dark horror movie, but this is real.

There are screams, which may have been added later. But then, the man is tied up and killed. The details of how he is savagely murdered are too horrific to watch. Those who have studied the video assure me of its authenticity and say the killing is the work of a far-right gang.

No authority seems to have the power or desire to take it off the web.

  1. It seems to be a threat. Trying to imply that anyone that having a difference of opinion may have the same fate of the man being drag into the forest. I think this is quite frightening.

  2. The cynic in me says that this is a classic PAP-style political play to label everyone who is critical of policies related to foreign labour, immigration, etc as xenophobic and dismiss them as of little importance in this “national conversation”.

    This is also classic PAP, push real problem aside and ignore it. Till it becomes the 100 tonne elephant in the room.

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