No wonder S’pore’s productivity so low

In Humour on 30/09/2012 at 5:20 am

Did you notice that last Friday’s front page pix of our defence minister entering a helicopter had three S’porean military personnel pointing the way into the helicopter? Surely two too many?

  1. Everyone wants to be on the good side, to be part of the inner circle.

    Carry brief case, ushering, shielding, clearing the path. These are the symptoms of such attempts. We do it to our girlfriend’s parents, to impress, to show respect. If not the person but towards the office he represents.

    Trouble is: many do not know where the line is… and the person enjoying such attention is so accustomed to such treatment that they too do not know where the line is!

    I recall many years ago, a junior minister ( then, but now a very senior one ) waved his entourage of 2 through singapore customs… ignoring the customs officer. He obviously enjoyed his status and so no reason why his kakis should be inspected. Oh, yes, he is a very recognisable person.

    Supposedly, that is one reason why all of them will clear through “VIP” complex.. unseen by the public. One of the many perks of being in politics.. it should be an attractive career.

  2. And now that the generals are govt leaders,
    you have the same thing going on, but in the
    civil service. The bowing, the scraping, the yes

    We have Popcorn Politicians – people who are
    all puffed up with the feeling that they are sooo
    important, soooo wonderful. In actual fact, they
    are bad for the health, as they’re swollen with
    ego and full of nothing but hot air.

    And then the heads of sections think, Hey, I too
    should get the same treatment. And they infect
    their deputies with the same desires and

    When the generals move to GLCs, they take
    the outlook and the attitude with them. And the
    disease spreads and spreads…

    And no one realises that they have become
    maids. Worse, they’re maids in their own country.

  3. well one of them looked like he was embaressed that he was involved in the whole affair and hid behind a biege bag…

  4. Surely two too many?
    That should be three unless the multimillion minister don’t know his way?

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