Why the ‘T’ in the FT is not Talent but Trash: ICA not checking with police?

In Humour, Political governance on 08/10/2012 at 5:33 am

Did you know that ST reported that an Indonesian jailed with having sex with an underage prostitute, had just become a PR? I learnt this yesterday via TOC. This a few weeks after reading in TRE that ang moh gaw, Robert Dahlberg, who “moved on” while on bail, received his PR even after he had been charged for beating up two true blue S’poreans at Suntec City in 2010.

So it’s OK to be a PR despite having being charged with a sexual offence or beating up people? Shouldn’t the PR approvals have awaited the court’s decisions.

One wonders if the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA), part of Home Team, which processes and approves PR applications, has done a thorough, robust check on applicants before approving them.  If ICA doesn’t even bother to check with other S’pore government agencies, how can we trust that it makes checks overseas. Are the qualifications from say Shangrilla uni or Utopia Biz School genuine? Do the schools even exist?

No wonder we  got the following PRC FT cases.  A PRC man invested S$1.5m so that he and his family could get PR. He apparently lied in his PR application that he was a senior executive in a private biz, when in fact he was a mid-ranking Chinese bureaucrat who stole the money. And then there were the case a few years ago of two PRs who ended up as food hawkers here (This only known because they were the victims on an attack). Or the PRC PR who worked here as a shop assistant. This only became known because she was found guilty of assaulting a SMRT officer who tried to stop her from “cheating” SMRT over her child’s fare. She refused to repent, saying she was in the right.

I hope a PAP MP asks the government to explain why ICA does not check with other govt agencies on whether applicants had criminal charges against them? And whether there are any other checks with other govt depts. This failure to check goes to the heart of the government’s credibility on its claim that it has a Foreign Talent policy, not a Foreign Trash policy, as many readers of TRE suspect.

Or could it be that inter-agency communications are lacking, be it the IT systems or the work flow processes?

Whatever the reason, PAP MPs should be concerned that the govt’s cred is at stake. It could cost them votes at next GE.

I don’t think the WP will ask the question. I suspect that, based on its parly performance so far, it is a sleeping co-driver, who prefers to let sleeping dogs continue sleeping. Doubtless Pritam is dreaming of being a millionaire minister, and Show Mao of being a well-paid adviser to a GLC or the PM.

Finally, juz wondering: Maybe the ICA officers are subversives trying to sabo the govt? They are Dr Chee groupies? After all he has lots of groupies in NUH. LOL.


PS: Piece on a possible connection between NatCon  and the problems (highlighted by DBS) that the government created for the economy should now appear on Wednesday.

  1. Yes,the ability of Minister of home affairs to chair Minister of foreign affairs concurrently is in question,PM Lee should take this as part of NatCon.

  2. I disagree about the fanciful dreams of WP ,they are just trying to sort things out.

  3. The Gahmen has always embraced the business perspective of “free market forces”.

    This policy is also being practiced in all agencies, from NEA to ICA to MAs, MoE etc.
    (with the exception of anything to do with newspapers…that is a no, no )

    Free market forces meaning: let the market take care of itself.
    When something happens then we let time and 3rd parties to take care of the issues.

    This policy allows them to have small manpower, no policing required ( since market will take care of itself) So if PR fails to perform in employment, PR will have zero income and PR willl have to leave. Same goes for spouses, kids who are PR.. if their Singaporean sponsor does not perform economically, they will all leave town. Simple.. no need to police.

    If tuition centres do not perform, they will lose students and close shop, no need to police
    If investment scams do not succeed, the customers will have to begin legal action, no need to police
    If drains are not swept clean of leaves & litter, water will build up, public will complain, only then we will send in team of cleaners… no need to police, contractor will lose business.

    Wonderful concept.. works all the time with minimum effort.

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  5. Nah, the Singapore government is not as efficient as we imagine. Even for PRs who have been sentenced in court and jailed, they are not automatically stripped of the PRship. I have dealt with a couple of PRs who have served jail time (for different reasons) and are currently working in Singapore.

    Talking about background checks, HDB does not check if PRs who apply to buy resale own overseas properties either. The rule disallows such PRs from buying resale, but hey, HDB does not actively check on this. I know this, FOR A FACT, because one of my friends works there. That explains why you see a lot of PRs renting out their entire units while they leave Singapore. They just need to apply to HDB for permission based on the grounds that they are leaving Singapore “temporarily” for an overseas posting, and it will be approved.

    Singaporeans are daft in they think all government agencies perform background checks on foreigners judiciously.

    Will the co-driver, WP, dare to slap the main driver in this area of inadequacy?

  6. Simple arithmetic. How many in the unit in ICA that does background checks? How many FT they let in a year? GG

  7. Singaporeans are good in kicking can down the roads. Not my problems, kick it down the roads. wait for others fool to pick it up. It is an intelligent move, as populations are not replacing itself. Therefore, the government was given the mandate to find more and more foreigners to take up PR’ship and citizenship. Look, most of the FT taking the bait came from Asean’s and the third world countries. It is very rare to get more advance and intelligent countries peoples willing to come. ICA is doing a good job.we must award them with more bonus.

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