“Our society” at fault for FT Amy ? & other panties-twisting Cheong tales

In Humour, Political governance on 15/10/2012 at 5:27 am

First, shumething to cheer Amy up: “Look on the bright side. You may have lost yr job and am reviled in S’pore. But in return, yr photos have been reproduced online and in the print media. As you are one good-looking babe despite being no spring chicken (heck, 37 is mother hen age), some rich PRC bloke may want you as his wife or mistress. Think of the infamy and loss of job as the cost of an “Who wants Amy as a sex companion?” campaign. I’m assuming the photos are recent, of course.”

At worse, some IT company trying to get Horny Team contracts, could do worse than offer her a job. Sue looks like an auntie when compared to Amy. Ya I got the hots for Amy but my bank balance is only in low five digits.  

Let’s get serious. we know that she is an Oz citizen, born in M’sia (Waz wondering how come she still gd looking at 37. S’pore gal would like Auntie Sylvia at that age).

Would Tharman and Shan have made the following reported comments if they had known she was FT with the “T” standing for Trash. After all it waz the “FTs are betterest” policy that allowed her in”:

Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam wrote: “The person’s comments were offensive not only to Malay-Muslims, but also to all the rest of us who value Singapore’s multiracial spirit and who want to take it further.”

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Law K. Shanmugam called Ms Cheong’s comments “shameful”. He said the incident confirmed what he had long suspected and had said before, that there are “deep fault lines in our society” based on race and religion.

I would ask Tharman, “Who let her in so that she could mess up S’pore?”

As for Shan’s comment blaming “our society” for the “deep fault lines”: Did he know she was an FT, not a S’porean when he made the comment? If he knew, his comment was mischievous.  After all, the “fault line” is the  “FT” policy which allowed her in. And didn’t his boss say the comments were “isolated”? Shouldn’t he have ascertained the facts before blaming “our society”? Everything is fault of us S’poreans, is it Shan? LKY yr heloo?

And Lim Swee Say while correct when he said “It isn’t about Amy Cheong” was wrong when he said it “isn’t about NTUC”. NTUC is proud that it is part of the machinery of the governing PAP and the government. So continuing employing an FT who spews anti-Malay* invective is an issue. And she had to go because only last December an NTUC MP  (“Flame on” Seng Han Tong Han) was accused by TOC of making racist comments (which technically he didn’t). His PAP and NTUC comrades rushed to his defence but the mud stuck. Thinking abt it, TOC was responsible for Amy losing her job. And if Seng had sued TOC for defamation (he would have won), Amy would have kept her job.

Now for something constructive. PM spoke of “respect”, and this was spot on.

Wonder how many noisy events there were in the vicinity of Amy’s flat in the last few weeks? TNP or TOC should investigate and do a story.

There should be respect for the rights of others. So the HDB should ensure that it does not allow void decks to be used too frequently for communal events. Of course the devil is in the details. But taz why there are kay pohs like PAP activist Lionel De Souza who filed a police report against Amy, to help monitor the situation. BTW,  he learning to be “sensitive” like some NSP stalwarts who filed police reports at the slightest hurt to their religious feelings.

And while some Malays have been preening themselves on the community’s behaviour over the incident (read ST), one wonders if she had made anti-Muslim remarks, would the NSP stalwarts and some other Muslims reacted with vitrol? What say you Donaldson? He put something up last year that had some Muslims upset, even though he claimed at the time he wasn’t anti-Muslim, and doing it out of love.

And KennethJ stop clowning around. Don’t ape the above Indian ministers in talking rubbish. Trying get some cheap publicity for yrself? Yr thesis is absurd. How can there be institutional racism when two out the four of PM’s most ministers are Indians like you? And look at the number of cabinet ministers and MPS that are Indian: punching way above their weight, I could say. I mean us Chinese should be bitching that the PM and PAP have an “Indian first” policy, but we are not. This is S’pore, KennethJ not yr adopted home, the UK.

Finally had to share this great comment in TRE by one Neutral:

Hmmm let’s see..


1. Don’t sack her, ppl here will say she has connections and get away with these comments

2. Sack her a few days later, ppl here will say it is because of “ppl power that pressured them to sack her (i.e. NTUC not doing their job properly)

3. Sack her immediately, ppl here will say there was a conspiracy somewhere.

4. Having possibly chosen the best damage control option (3), ppl here will say how did NTUC employ such ppl (I mean as if a few rounds of interviews, one can find out if one has racist or other ‘weird’ leanings)

I believe I covered all the possible angles. Anything I missed out?

So much for objectively.

Why can’t ppl simply see this as an individual making a huge mistake (whether it was a moment of folly or otherwise) without dragging parties into it and from politicking as well.



*She is no racist: got ang mog hubbie though I heard separated from him. She juz got problems with Malays, juz like most M’sian Chinese who migrate from M’sia.

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