Why Najib keeps delaying elections and why Borneo makes BN nervous.

In Malaysia on 25/10/2012 at 6:50 am

Attended a seminar last week  on M’sian politics:

 — It was analysed that Najib’s lack of confidence in achieving a two-thirds majority was the reason he kept postponing the elections. If he doesn’t get a two-thirds majority, Muhaddin would replace him as UMNO leader, even if BN won again, as widely expected. UMNO kingmakers expect any UMNO leader to deliver a two-thirds majority for BN.

(Note that CIMB’s CEO is Najib’s brudder, so if he goes, CIMB will have a new boss even if the current CEO is the best man for post. I’ve blog on this before, somewhere: type CIMB in Search). To the victors, the spoils.

— Although the Opposition is likely to win a maximum of 6 seats in Sarawak (out of 31) and 8 in Sabah (out of 25), Borneo is a problem for BN because  if PR won a substantial number of seats in Malaya, and would command a majority if combined with BN’s Borneo seats, BN parties in Borneo (even UMNO Sabah) would have the excuse to switch if the terms were right. Victory for BN in Borneo was meaningless if it suffered serious reverses in Malaya.

  1. How to hold an election when the selling price for crude palm oil is at an all time low of less than RM$350 per ton. Do you have any idea what this sort of price dive will have on the rural economy and how many ordinary folk it is likely to impact?

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  3. Irrelevant? Errr what is the primary economy in Borneo duhhhhhh!!! Maybe he has a point. Dont bite my head off. At the price that crude palm oil is trading. There is no way for the Malaysian government to hedge their bets on future depressed prices by snapping up futures. So what is likely to happen to the interest rate?

    Irrelevant? Really. Are you sure? Then why it Najib so nervous whenever he speaks to Taib and Peter Chin. Any idea? Or maybe it is as you said irrelevant.

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