Waz pt of scholar, ex-general, ex-Temasek MD as NOL’s CEO?

In Media, Shipping, Temasek on 01/11/2012 at 5:48 am

When NOL is listed as the least preferred Asian container line?

When NOL annced its turnaround last week and a sale of its building, I tot “Waz wrong?”: boast turnaround yet indulge in financial engr for short term gain. Didn’t have to wait long to find out.

This is what BT, part of the constructive nation-building, 30-pieces-of -silver(?) SPH wrote earlier this week 

NEPTUNE Orient Lines has disappointed some analysts with its third-quarter numbers even though it fought its way into the black with US$50 million in net profit, its first after six consecutive quarters of losses.

NOL, which owns the world’s seventh largest container line APL, fell 2.5 cents yesterday to end at $1.145.

“It underperformed just about everyone’s expectations. I’m not sure if people were expecting profit of that magnitude when the street’s view was about US$150 million,” said Timothy Ross, Credit Suisse head of transport research, Asia-Pacific. NOL is now among the least-preferred counters among Credit Suisse’s basket of seven Asian container companies.

Joining Credit Suisse in a dimmer view of NOL was CIMB, which downgraded NOL to “underperform” from “neutral”.

The problem with comparisons as distinct from Hard Truths (like Scholar is “betterest” for anything) is that they are so inconvenient that shumetimes the constructive, nation-building media must report them. Even thouh, ST has made him out to be a genius on par with the North Korean leaders who advise experts on how to do their work, BT had to report the facts saw them.

Hope this ex-general and Temasek MD doesn’t run NOL aground! The gd thing abt NOL is that it is lightly ge as the analysts sred, unlike other container lines. FTR, I got few lots. Better yield than FD.

But there are times when having scholars in senior posts helps. NSP used to hibernate between general elections. With two scholars on the executive commitee (Hazel and hubbie), NSP has decided not to indulge in its usual hibernation. It is actively walking the ground, and is finally planning a mone online. More next week.  

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  1. It’s gonna be a tough cycle for container business especially if trade figures are going to deteriorate. With Europe deleveraging and US facing uncertainties in their budget, hard to see these kind of business do very well.
    On the other hand i remembered NOL sold their building off in the 90s or 2000s? And turn around their biz?
    Not that I dun have faith in the scholars and govt-bred elites, if the TH and GICs like do not provide financial support, NOL is gonna struggle.

  2. NSP can capture more votes in 2016 if they drop their liberal views and stay away from SDP. WP is disappointing while SPP and RP are politically dead.

    NSP has to understand Singapore has it’s set of unique cultural values, national identity and history. By blindly shoving western concepts like what SDP is doing, NSP would not go far. Perhaps NSP’s 2 sholars onboard aren’t really bright after all?

    • “By blindly shoving western concepts like what SDP is doing” For example??? Minimum wage, social safety net, affordable housing, … Perhaps you find China more attractive. LOL

      • You have only responded to half of my comment. I did say Singapore has its unique root and path to success.

        I still do not see why should Singapore follow western values blindly and SDP is shoving western liberals and ideals down our throats literally.

        Minimum wage causes more burden on employers and they may pass the cost to consumers; under harsh economic or market conditions, the firm might even close down.

        I read a blog who said it is morally right to pay more to businesses so it could have a min wage for their employees and blogger claimed he is willing to pay more.

        In reality, would you pay more?

  3. I am just going to respond briefly…

    – “Singapore is unique” sounds like a slogan from PAP to manipulate public opinion. Tell me which country is not unique!

    – “SDP is shoving western liberals and ideals down our throats” What are you talking about? Is SDP represented in the parliament? Does MSM even publish any of SDP views that you dislike so much?

    – Minimum wage. Go read about it. Maybe start with Wikipedia. If you don’t have time, I will tell you that almost all developed countries have minimum wage in one form or another. Yes, I know Singapore is “unique.”

    Yes, I will pay more so the GINI index returns to more acceptable range. Open your eyes. Open yourselves to other views and ideas. It will do you tremendous good.

    • Most of time, I disagree with yr “PAP are always wrong, are bastards” world view. But I agree with yr comments. )))))

      • I have tremendous respect for PAP of the past (60’s and 70’s.) But the late PAP is just a bunch of money seekers who go with the flows. Where is GY after he lost his high-paying position? Has he participated in any grassroot and volunteer effort recently? Those 60’s and 70’s PAP politicians had people’s welfare in their hearts even after they had left politics!

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