Alternative economic cultures, a topic for SDP or NSP’s conversations with the public?

In Uncategorized on 02/11/2012 at 1:22 pm

Prof  Manuel Castells suggests we may be about to see the emergence of a new kind of capitalism, with businesses growing out of the counter-cultures of the last 20 years: alternative economic cultures.



  1. I see that you have given up hope on WP. 🙂

    The proposal by the Prof sounds like communism. The extremes mentioned are a little similar to some of the unconventional policies (by Singapore’s standards) SDP has proposed.

    Will Institute of Policy Studies pick up this research by Prof Castells? PAP has done it right by not placing restrictions on internet.

  2. Democracy is the worst system of government except that it is the only one that works.
    Democracy is better than dictatorship,authoritarism,fascism,etc
    But democracy with capitalism still do not work,not to mention worst systems such as State Capitalism,etc
    In my humble view,(Democracy) will be replaced by (Dikaiosyne) where God rules.
    This is my conclusion after watching the recent events from 2008.

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