Three cheers for ST: for once

In Humour on 05/11/2012 at 8:09 am

ST has been getting a lot of flak from me and others recently. And I got a few more bitches lined for later this week and beyond.

But it does shumethings right. MediaCorp’s free-sheet today described one LKY as “former Minister Mentor” which I tot was pretty insulting. While technically not wrong, describing him “former prime minister” is not only more respectful but the proper description, protocol-wise. ST got it right!

Though if ST describes one GCT as  “former prime minister”, one might raise an eyebrow at this description. Many S’poreans (self included) didn’t think that he was running the cabinet, let alone the country.

It would be most correct to call ESM, “former Prime Minister”. Note this sentence was added at about 9.50am on day of publication.

  1. With all these superfluous titles, they basically cared more about their personal ego than the prestige of the Prime Minister’s office. It’s no different than banks where vice presidents are dime a dozen. (e.g. VPs, senior VPs, group VPs, executive VPs…)

  2. I agree,yes.

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