The genius of Bill Gates

In Uncategorized on 10/11/2012 at 5:18 am

He made us overpay for his stuff.

“It’s kind of odd to sell something, then spend ten years sending free fixes to the consumer, who must have overpaid at the start to finance all the ongoing labour to keep it running. What if you bought a car, then received free repairs over its lifetime? How much would the car cost at the front end?”
Bkj3CBBzz3 on the end of Windows XP, November 5th 2012

  1. That’s nonsense. Believe me, any company in that position would rather not spend any money on products sold. Microsoft is fortunate to have ongoing sales to provide “free” support. The sales from the final years are pure profit otherwise.

  2. “What if you bought a car, then received free repairs over its lifetime?”

    Big deal. In S’pore, the cost of a car can buy 4 brand new same cars overseas.

    Furthermore, PAP makes you give them money for something which you don’t get — land costs in HDB pricing. You pay for “land”, but you don’t get any strata title deed, unlike 99-yr leasehold condo owners.

    You see, PAP more genius than Bill Gates. That’s why we are enjoying the Golden Age now.

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