A plague on both PAPpies & some Facebookers

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Recently, there have been quite a number of remarks made by the Dark Side and the residents of cowboy town, Facebook, that had me reciting Shakespeare”A plague o’ both your houses!”

The PAP ministers first.

Many Singaporeans have not grasped the implications of low economic growth in light of an uncertain economy, or even the effects of an aging population, Minister K Shanmugam said.

How about taking the time and effort trying to enlighten us minister? I mean all we get are variations of “We need FTS”. I have yet to see any serious attempt at quantifying the effects of low growth or an aging population. In the UK and the USA, there have been independent, academic studies quantifying the benefits of immigration. Here IPS doesn’t even pretend to quantify the numbers.

Minister … Grace Fu said the package of baby bonuses and subsidies are to help parents mitigate costs – not a “prize” for having children.

At least she said “cost”. The constructive, nation building ST used the word “burden”, when reporting her comments.

As S’poreans are not breeding, obviously the intangible rewards of parenting do not exceed the monetary costs, even taking into account the subsidies for breeding. So maybe the monetary incentives are not enough?

Former Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew said public housing has to keep up with the rising aspirations of Singaporeans and that the facilities and design of older estates should also not fall behind newer ones. So if public housing has to keep up with rising aspirations, why shouldn’t the government listen to the calls for more transparency, and accountability. And for more freedoms. These too are rising aspirations. BTW, MediaCorp, it is wrong correct to call him ex MM. He should be called ex PM.

“Parents have to know that the PSLE is just one examination for the kids. Important, yes, but it’s not the only exam, not the be-all and end-all,” said PM. Well with all the six-year programmes, how can pushy kiasu parents be certain that their late blooming geniuses can get into an elite school, at 16?

“We offer many pathways to success. We make every school a good school. and even if you didn’t get into a secondary school you wanted, there are many other good schools you can go to,” PM again. So long as the government defines “meritocracy”, some schools are “better” than just “good schools” in achieving “success”

But the PAP are not the only ones who annoy me. Take this: Central Narcotics Bureau’s recent report says that there has been a slight dip in the number of drug abusers arrested, but there has been an increase in drug seizures (link:

 The worsening situation of increasing drug seizures is proof that mandatory death penalty may not be as effective a tool of deterrence as enforcement against this drug menace.

Hello, the mandatory death penalty has been around in both period. So the the rate of drug seizures have nothing to do with its existence. Criminals could be getting careless, police intelligence could be getting better. Many possible reasons. Let’s not use PAP type-or style arguments. Luke Skywalker was cautioned by Yoda not to try to use Dark Side techniques to fight the Dark Side.

In response to a headline in ST that 48% of druggies in detention are Malays

As a Chinese of mixed origin, I urge the government to take action against ST for inciting racial and religious disharmony.

— Amazing. Baffling too. Perhaps the alternative headline was “52% of drug offenders were Chinese, Indians and Others!”.

Well with 15% of the population being Malays, reasonable to headline fact that 42% of druggies held are Malays. Of course one can analyse the situation differently: say by family income or education levels. But statistically the fact that 15% of the population contributes 42% of something is statistically significant. Nothing wrong in drawing attention to the fact.

And while the ladies were bitching at ST, why didn’t they bitch at the PAP Malay MP who made the comments. If they think ST was wrong to report this statistic, surely the MP was wrong to make the comment? Malay PAP MP tua kee is it gals? Or hate ST is much? Remember what Yoda said: “Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate; hate leads to suffering. I sense much fear in you.”



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