Great comment on FT influx

In Humour on 19/11/2012 at 10:24 am

Came across a great comment on another blogger’s rant on the number of jobs created for FTs versus that for S’poreans(sorry not linking to it, as I got issues with his simplistic analysis of some ministerial numbers):

Looking at the current situation, it seems history is repeating itself. During WWII, British based its guns at Sentosa pointing towards the main island. Now we have the strong army with NS men ready to prevent an invasion NOT knowing that invasion has started years ago with the influx of our FTs at our backyard. Will they ever learn???

Actually the guns were pointed seawards, they only pointed inwards when the British wanted to fire on the Japanese troops crossing over from Johor. Unfortunately, wrong type of shells. The guns fired armoured piercing shells, useful against warships but not against soldiers. For that a different type of shell was needed. But that again shows the establishment was fighting the wrong kind of war, against the wrong kind of enemy.  Very familiar.

(Note I cleaned up several spelling errors.)


  1. (Note I cleaned up several spelling errors.)


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