Asean round-up

In Energy, Indonesia, Malaysia on 20/11/2012 at 6:17 am

Last week, Indonesia’s constitutional court ruled that BPMigas, its upstream oil and gas regulator should be disbanded, adding to the growing legal uncertainty that has hampered investment in its natural resources sector. BPMigas is responsible for negotiating with oil and gas contractors such as BP, Chevron and ExxonMobil.

On Sunday, Thailand’s PM announced her country’s intention to join a US-led regional trade pact after meeting the US president on Sunday.  M’sia and Vietnam signed up a long time ago.  Surprising, S’pore has not signed up yet.

Not all roses from the US for the Burmese govt when POTUS visited Burma on Monday: US demands that the Burmese govt makes “unconditional release of remaining political prisoners, an end to ethnic conflicts, steps to establish the rule of law, ending the use of child soldiers and ensuring the safety and welfare of the people of Rakhine state”. The Burmese government is not the only group the US will work with. The US will also work directly with opposition groups, backing demands for the rule of law and human rights. This is like saying US will work with SDP in S’pore to ensure the rule of law and human rights.

In pictures: Obama in Burma

Great cartoon

PAS still wants to chop off limbs even if it gets into power with Anwar and DAP. And the Chinese and Indians still support DAP and Anwar? Juz look at the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East. Sharia law rules OK when the Brudders get into power. PAS is a Brudders branch.

  1. Wrong sonny boy: Singapore is one of the original signatories of the TPP.

  2. You are wrong .. TPP is started by Singapore .. Do look it up in wikipedia.

    FT can be wrong .. why should we trust orang bolek..

  3. In 1969 when Malay are killing Chinese along the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, there were no incident at all in Kelantan, a state under PAS’s rule.

    May 13 is started by UMNO — because the Alliance at that time lost so many seats in the May 10 election.

    Unfortunately most people fail to see through that ..

    In Kelantan, most Chinese voters voted for PAS .. that is why a PAS member, a Chinese Muslim, won the the state seat of Kota Bharu.

    I spoke to a Malay trader from Kedah , comparing the PAS rule and that of UMNO rule. His comment is that, under PAS, he needs not pay under table money to get things done.

    He also points out that PAS is not able to bringing in business. This would change if Pakatan won the Central Government .. To me it is unlikely, and not good for country. Pakatan should win a few more state, and rule them as good as DAP has ruled Penang.

  4. Errrmmmm, eeerrrr. Let’s take a look at the official US TPP website shall we ?

    Believe that the fifth chap from the left is representing Singapore’s membership ?

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