Does ex-CNB chief & scholar have a malfunctioning organ?

In Humour on 25/11/2012 at 5:33 am

Have you, like me been, puzzled by

— his lawyer’s comment that there was no bribery because Sue’s BJ left him frustrated rather than ratified; and

— his testimony that he didn’t complete the sexual act with Sue the only time that they had “normal” sex?

Could it be that Ng Boon Gay suffers from premature ejaculation? Hence nothing satisfies him, nor can he complete any act? Maybe that is why his wife is standing by him? She understands his pain, and is powerless to help? Previously, I had tot that his wife stood by him because she felt guilty that the refusal to do BJs and being mean with him by limiting his pocket money, resulted in him asking Sue for BJs, and wrecking his career.

As his name is Gay, could his organ malfunction disappear, it he has sex with men.? LOL. OK this was a sick schoolboy joke.

  1. LOL! We are all have our “glass houses.” Don’t throw stones even if you are a God fearing man.

  2. After reading what was stated or commented, one will have to visualized what have really taken place and done. Given the name as an excuse is definately a very poor excuse trying to get him of the hooks. Whether satisfied or frustrated is reasons best know to himself and also a very bad excuse trying to misled. NOT SATISFIED, NO SATISFACTION WHY HE KEPT GOING ON FOR SO MANY TIMES AND CAUSING UNNECCESSARY MISERY TO OTHERS. WHAT WAS HIS INTENTIONS WHETHER HE IS RESPONSIBLE TO HIS WIFE FOR DOING WHAT HE IS DOING TO HIS WIFE AND TO OTHERS HE HAS INFLICTED HURT. “VERY SELFISH” WHERE I CAN FIND NO OTHER WORDS TO EXPRESS HIM. MAKING FULL USE OF HIS POSITION TO DO WHAT HE IS DOING. 早知有今日何必当初呢

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