Better visit the Pandas quickly

In Humour on 29/11/2012 at 9:38 am

It was reported they made their first public appearance yesterday. Hurry to see them.

They might decide to stay inside their apartment to show sympathy with their comrades in SMRT, especially those helping the police with their investigations.

Wonder what will happen if they offer to share their apartment with their comrades at SMRT. They are all from communist China and I’m sure the pandas are Communist Party members.

  1. They may all be from communist China but no minister dare mention Marxist conspiracy? The previous Marxist conspirators did not even get to organise a strike, legal or illegal.

  2. Do you think we should also stop holidaying in China? Sekali, their tour bus drivers also ‘refused to start work’ when they see Singaporean visitors?

  3. Sir,

    You can write about improving management practices in SMRT. Its CEO Desmond Kuek was on private leave during the strike saga, but decided not to return to handle it. They trotted out the poor Vice President to face the media instead.

  4. The pandas have better living conditions than the Chinamen bus drivers and even many Sporeons! remember the housing for the pandas alone cots S$9million i think. The pandas, who are luxuriating like our ministers “will go with the flow”…Don’t think they want to strike..

  5. @Sekali
    Instead of worrying about how the Chinese may
    treat Sporeans in China, wiser to be concerned
    about the Chinese deciding on not coming here
    – to buy property, holiday, spend money and work.

    Even better to question why foreign workers are
    treated so badly by Spore employers, and why
    the govt couldn’t care two hoots about people it
    claims are as as important as foreign workers.

    Where is the integrity? Where is the humanity?
    Where is the cow sense/practicality?!

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