Why it’s a gd time for Najib to call a GE

In Malaysia on 29/11/2012 at 5:26 am

Monday’s newspapers reported that Najib was hinting on Sunday that he would an election in December. Tuesday’s papers quoted analysts as saying it was a bad idea because the rains will make campaigning dificulty.

The analysts are missing the point. The sooner he calls an election the better for him because when the Chinese and Indian and more secular Malays watch CNN, Al Jazeera or BBC, they will see how the Egyptians are repenting (see pics) the election of a member of the Muslim Brotherhood as Egypt’s president. The Arab spring overthrew a president who ruled like a pharaoh. The Brudderhood president has just assumed pharaohnic powers: a decree, issued last week, said

— no authority could revoke presidential decisions;

— judges cannot dissolve the assembly drawing up a new constitution; and

— the president is also authorised to take any measures to preserve the revolution, national unity or safeguard national security.

Is this what change Muslim Brudderhood style is what about is a question relevant to M’sian voters.

By voting for DAP and PKR (Anwar’s gang) the Indians, Chinese and secular Malays know that they could be strengthening the hand of PAS, a branch of the Muslim Brudderhood, a party that has just called for the choppin- off of limbs as punishment for certain crimes.  The scenes in Egypt should remind them that they want change, not chaos or an Islamic dictator. BN’s message should be simple: better the corrupt devils you know, rather than chaos or an Islamic despot.

  1. I know many Malaysians do not believe this:”Anwar will be the next PM of Malaysia”,let wait a while more and see what the Malaysian voters decide.

  2. There is no good or bad time to hold elections for BN. This is a chimera. It could just as well be held in any month of the year, it will not make an ounce of difference to the outcome.

    The only tipping point that really matters is whether they can continue to secure votes in East Malaysia. If the can. They will win by a narrow margin a majority in Parliament. If they cannot, they will end up with a coalition government and possibly a hung parliament. As I really do not see them winning a decisive majority in the Northern rice belt or for that matter in Perak, Pahang or even all the way right down to the South. For things to change in their favor the price of CPO needs to go up. At the current price that it is languishing in, there is no way BN can engineer a feel good mood in the countryside – they have been waiting for the months for the tide to change, but to no avail – it seems everything hinges on the power of the great and omnipresent oil palm.

    Darkness 2012

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