S’pore: A great place to be born in

In Economy, Humour, Political economy on 05/12/2012 at 5:39 am

In 1988, S’pore was the 36th best place to be born in: same as East Germany. M’sia was 38th and HK was 7th. In 2013, according to an article (The lottery of life) in an Economist publication, S’pore will be the 6th best place to be born in, M’sia will be 36th and HK 10th.

Switzerland will be 1st, followed by Oz, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Bang yr balls in frustration S’porean self-loathers: KennethJ, Goh Meng Seng, Tan Kin Lian, Tan Jee Say, Ravi, and born- loser readers of TRE and TOC.

Maybe the WP MPs have a point in being so supportive of the PAP govt? Maybe NSP is right that the party is not ready for govt: PAP still going strong?And maybe PM Lee and Chief Clerk Goh ain’t that bad?

I’m surprised that ST didn’t see fit to publicise this. Must be full of subversives.

But this good ranking does raise a question: If so good leh, home come S’poreans are refusing to breed? Shumething must be wrong? Maybe with S’poreans?

Or do the stats leave out things that matter most to S’porean couples that decline to breed or stop at one.

  1. Maybe it just means that you’re lucky to even be born here if your parents are in SG. There are more abortions than live births here or perhaps it really is, like as one idiot said, Singapore is the best place to be if your are really poor as the poor are better off than the poor of other countries? Or perhaps it just means that mostly the elites here are reproducing and with the GINI coef, the babies born mostly have very rich parents, even when not ministers.

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  4. The methodology is heavily skewed in favour of GDP per head. It is an average figure which is highly misleading. No wonder Singapore moved up so quick.

    The things that make a country a great place to be be born in: cultural, political, natural characteristics, opportunities, laws, freedoms, etc. are all subjective and not easily comparable on a quantifiable basis.

    As you said, if this is such a great place to be born in, why don’t the locals see the same? Why do people emigrate to America, join the green card lottery, etc while the Singapore govt has to invite people to apply for PR here? One has to wonder.

  5. Agreed with politicalwritings. By their measure, Singaporeans are wealthy. The average income is high but the median is not so great, thanks to high GINI. Ask the young people here, most will emigrate if given the chance.

    Another survey suggests that Singaporeans are unhappy with their lives, worked the most hours yet dissatisfied with their jobs, have miserable marital sex lives. Now I see.. it is a great place to be born in but you want to leave the island as soon as the opportunity is there! LOL.

  6. ST busy fighting fire lahh. so many suay things happening these days.. where go time entertain foreign media/statistics?? plss.

  7. I think it is quite simple,the tycoons are very rich,so you end up with a very good & impressive figure,imagine a richman who earns $ 10 million + a poor man who earns $1,000,the average value is $5 million & 1 dollar,another tycoon who earns $ 1 billion with a poor man who only manages $1 ,their average is a super impressive $ 500 million + 50 cents.
    The trick of statistics which PAP is the grand master,even New Chairman Xi is trying desperately to learn this trip.

  8. Sorry,calculation mistake,in the first example,the average value should be 5.0005 milion compared to 500 million and 50 cents in the second example.

  9. CI

    For those born poor but with good EQ and IQ and good work attitude and above, Singapore is definitely the place to be and be born to enjoy the fruits and progress.
    For those of below average EQ and IQ and work attitude, Singapore is definitely a very competitive place but still there is a place in the sun, the problem, will be when comparing to the Tans, the Ahmads and the Muthus, it is easy to be green.
    It will be easier for the them to not feel so green in countries such as Scandinivavian countries.


  10. […] centre patrons harassed & coerced to return trays – Thoughts of a Cynical Investor : S’pore: A great place to be born in – Bertha Harian: Facts, views – and names – appreciated – TOC: On Train […]

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