How to be a hi-tech entrepeneurial hub

In Uncategorized on 13/12/2012 at 6:34 am

Berlin is fashionable, edgy, artistic: cool. And Berlin is the home of choice for many new hi-tech entrepreneurs from around the world. With global giants like Google now opening offices in the city, the German capital’s “Silicon Allee” is now rivalling London’s Silicon Roundabout as Europe’s tech hub.

Forget A*STAR etc. Juz be a place that cool people want to live in. And cool people don’t want to live in a place where marital fidelity is a must. Adultery is cool, not a hanging offence.

  1. Should consider Paris in that case… Adultery is a “must” – Singkee speak.

  2. Very an enlightened view in today’s world. How about legalizing same-sex marriage and recreational marijuana use (Steve Jobs!)?

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