Why is son of JBJ wayanging with WP?

In Political governance on 17/12/2012 at 5:47 am

(Update after 16 January 2012: Opps waz wrong. He didn’t back out as I expected. Must think loss of cred if he skunked away again with tail between his legs, would be too great. Will lose his deposit.)

“Furthermore in GE 2011 we were prevented from being able to contest any SMC, even in areas where we had been conducting outreach for some time. For these reasons we are strongly considering contesting this seat if and when a by-election is called”.

Why is KennethJ, son of JBJ and self-styled and self-appointed keeper of JBJ’s flame, seemingly picking a fight with the WP? It was NSP that refused to allow RP to contest a SMC, not WP.

Goh Meng Seng, wayang kung fu artiste extraordinaire, after being humiliated by the WP over Moulmein-Kallang GRC,  vented his anger on KennethJ, the paunchy. GMS gave flying kicks to said KJ’s face, paunch, balls and behind, refusing to allow the son of JBJ to contest in Radin Mas, which said son said had some affinity with said father. GMS had the quiet support of the ex-RP members that joined NSP. They were getting their own back on KennethJ’s ill-considered, ill-judged and ungracious remarks on their motives and character in leaving him alone to play with his toys in the RP mud play-pen. Their behaviour was dignified and gracious, and showed up KJ’s low EQ, up-bringing and manners. He behaved like a PAP man, not the son of JBJ, who for all his low IQ (unlike said son), was a man of dignity and charisma, not petulance.

As this is the second time, he is “seriously considering” peeing on WP’s territory (remember Hougang?), one can only assume he is sore with WP: for dethroning daddy from his throne (which he KJ had expected to inherit?)?

Anyway, somehow I don’t think KJ got the balls to fight in a WP area. Even his dad would have lost his deposit in a three-way fight there with WP and PAP. Palmer won the seat because the Chinese PAP grassroot activists brought out the votes for a non-Chinese. Who would want to help bring out the heartlander votes or vote for someone who can’t recite the Pledge correctly, and who talks in an ang moh accent, despite being back for many a year?

If KennethJ wants us to continue putting JBJ on a pedestal, he should move on out of politics. If he continues, the bravery and idealism of JBJ may be forgotten. He may be remembered as the dad of one KennethJ, a clownish opposition politician: more suited to be a PAP member because of his arrogance, petulance, and low EQ and inter-personal skills.

Update: See comment below on another reason why he is more PAP than JBJ: high IQ. LOL

  1. “his arrogance, petulance, and low EQ and inter-personal skills.”you missed up on his high I.Q. equal to brilliant MM Lee and in Economics to Lee’s Law which is a more relevant subject to Singapore today.

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