Even PM disagrees with Doc

In Political governance on 09/01/2013 at 6:43 am

No basis to suggest AIM transaction was improper, says Teo Ho

I was planning to blog on the significance of Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s comments on the PAP “volvo” over AIM.

But given that “PM Lee directs MND to fully review AIM transaction”, need I say anything more for the time being? Except that Mayor Doctor Teo Ho Pin has been shown to be a talk cock, sing song artiste, like KennethJ. Isn’t a PAP MP supposed to be better than an Opposition man?

And by directing “MND to take a broad-based approach, including re-examining the fundamental nature of town councils, with a view to ensuring high overall standards of their corporate governance”, PM is also recognising that there is serious public disquiet about Baey Yam Keng’s comments that,“They[town councils]’re not public institutions; they’re not a public service company … “I feel that we may be reading too much into the political association. Because in the first place it’s a political organisation.”

I was planning to blog on this issue given the significance of these words

— They came from an MP who was until recently the head of the regional branch of an int’l leading PR firm: a man who knows the importance of words.

— There are constitutional and governance issues if these words reflect the govt’s thinking on town councils.

But let’s watch and wait for the report.

Note: “And …” was added after first posting.

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  2. Where the lawyer’s letter to Alex Au could not stop further comments, calling for a review seem to do the trick.
    All the more reason for bloggers to keep harping on the propriety of selling TCs’ IP to AIM and to continue hounding Teo Ho Pin and other busybody MIWs to shoot their feet.

  3. Teo is not medical dr,he got a Phd from one funny unknown University in Hawaii,USA.

  4. CPF should return back to withdraw method of the previous system of withdrawing a lump sum at 55 years old, many people thought they can invest their own money, but the rule change, now it is unlikely in their lifetime they are able to get back their own money?

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  5. According to Ex-Chief of PA Yam Ah Mee: The PA is a non political organization.
    Now MP Baey Yam Keng’s commented that,“town councils are not public institutions; they’re not a public service company”
    I now like Mr Yam Ah Mee much more as to me,he speaks moreTRUTH than MP Baey Yam Keng who seems to be talking COCK!
    As for Mayor Dr Teo Ho Pin,PM Lee must send him to MSM for immediate OTJ training.

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