Why the economists got it wrong in 2007-2008

In Financial competency on 23/01/2013 at 5:27 am

MAINSTREAM macroeconomics has a pretty poor reputation these days, both among the public at large and among economists in other fields. This is hardly surprising. There is little consensus on even the most basic questions in macro …

Now, several groups of economists are trying to rebuild macro, often melding previously discarded ideas with sophisticated new mathematical and computational techniques … I want to look more at the history of the field.

  1. I just received this morning
    Prepare for Financial Pearl harbour NOW
    “Who the Hell Cleared This?”
    — Forbes columnist regarding the evidence unleashed in the following investigation
    that has already been presented to the Pentagon, CIA, and Congress
    from discussion with Jim Rickards,who blogs at blogspot dot sg

  2. New of faked coming out slowly,China, anyone? hello???on twitter by Patrick Chovanec ‏@prchovanec 9 hrs ago
    Argentina Is First Nation Censured by IMF for Economic Data

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