PM, pls tell STTA that S’pore is a meritocracy

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According a report ST on Wednesday, parents of national youth players were unhappy with the STTA’s ruling that the players for the next Kiddie Games in 2014 must be from the Singapore Sports School’s School Within a School (SWS) programme, be ranked in the world’s top 300 in the under-18 category, or win medals at a regional championship.

The result: Most of the youth team did not qualify for selection for the YOG team.

Lee Bee Wah, a PAP MP, and president of the ping-pong association was reported by MediaCorp on Thursday as saying,“In the past, all top players were attracted by Raffles Institution and Raffles Girls’ School … Since we started SWS, we managed to attract some top players to the Sports School. If this trend continues, we will have top local players coming from the Sports School. I think we can produce world-class players.”

Well, if that is the case, why have a policy that makes the Sports School’s ping pong students tua kee, giving them an advantage over boys and gals who can compete academically at the highest levels and play ping-pong as well, if not better than Sports School’s players.

As someone born and partly educated in M’sa, she may not realise that S’pore to quote our PM is a meritocratic society, where privileges and rewards are given according to merit, not on the school one attends. It would seem that Sports School students are shielded from competition from students who can both study, and play ping-pong well. Merotocracy? What meritocracy?

PM, please remind this FT PAP MP and the other STTA officials that S’pore is not M’sia or China: meritocracy rules here, not arbitrary bars that artificially help mediocrities.  .

And PM, STTA should not sneer at members of the youth team who are not from the Sports School. This sneer deserves a public rebuke scan0001. No youth team member is :any Tom, Dick or Harry”, STTA.

Or maybe the PM should get the CPIB to investigate STTA: is this an attempt to ensure that China imports predominate? Remember that an ex PAP MP who was the president of the STTA was convicted financial crimes.

  1. The result of poor management by a faked and stupid FT who is a civil engineer(I have friends who are civil engineers who were unemployed before) but no talent in politics ,MP Lee is from Malaysia,the basic condition for FTs to be utilised by PAP in politics is to read up the Lee’s laws,either the laws have been changed or she does not bother.I guess the laws has been changed.

  2. Uncle Investor,

    Cheer-up. Our Pee & Pee party’s PeeM targeting 7 (or is it 70?) million FT’s soon. All your REIT/Logistics/Retail/Transportation segment shares have only one way to go…..UP through the roof, much to the chagrin of locals who need assistance from Dr. Chopsticks to mend their posteriors.

    This ping-pong saga is a minor detail. Going by early noises (?), she’d be viewed as a mini$tar material to effectively contain partisan viewpoints (internet is only noise with very rude participants). What difference would it make if we’re represented by a Ah-Tiong or a local $cholar material who wants to double time as a paddler instead of tow-kaying to Pee&Pee masters….


  3. Someone did ask a very sensible question,you can build for 100 millions,would they come?PM Lee thinks our red dot is heaven in paradise,how many real talents like to come top a place with the higher population density on this earth?I do not think he considers it,’ Build and they shall come”

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  5. Lee Bee Wah doesn’t care about meritocracy, especially not with Singaporeans. She’s only interested in the next big talent from China. And this despite getting slapped in the face and dumped by her pet player who had left us for good.

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