White Paper fiasco: Who goofed?

In Economy, Media, Political economy, Political governance on 03/02/2013 at 6:39 am

So we now know that the 6.9m figure in the White Paper is a “worse-case scenario”

— “Reiterating that the 6.9 million figure should be viewed as “the worst-case scenario”****, Mr Khaw wrote: “We hope we do not reach that figure; we may never reach that figure.”

–” Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said … he fully agrees with Mr Khaw’s explanation that a 6.9 million population is not a target, but just a worst-case, aggressive scenario the Government must prepare for.”

(Excerpts from MediaCorp)

So why didn’t the media tell us this when the media reported the White Paper? The media reported the figure of 6.9m as though it was set in reinforced concrete that had platinum bars rather than steel bars. Surely when the staff of the s/o the disgraced president, and Yaacob*gave the local media their instructions local journalists and editors the customary briefing, they made it clear that the 6.9m figure is a “worse-case scenario”? And that the figure was used to ensure that there would be adequate infrastructure should this happen, which the government didn’t want to happen. And that if it didn’t happen, S’poreans would have even better facilities for which they should thank the PAP on bended knees.

But these messages were never reported. They came to the attention of “the inhabitants of cowboy towns” who were happily shooting holes into the White Paper, and other S’poreans only when the PM Facebooked and Khaw blogged these messages.

Then the local media parroted reported what the PM and Khaw had said.

Either the local media are staffed by stupid people, or are full of subversives, who take their 30 pieces of silver ** while saboing the PAP government. Or maybe the going rate is a lot more than 30 pieces of silver? And they are not getting it? Hence the government’s messages didn’t get broadcasted.

Or were the minions of s/o Devan Nair, and Yaacob, incompetent, stupid spinners? Journalists and editors are claiming that they were never ordered briefed that the 6.9m figure was a “worse-case scenario”. They claim to be as surprised as us netizens that the PM and Khaw are now making this claim.

Whatever it is, if WP Low is to get his wish of continued PAP hegemony, PM should get a grip on the PAP spin machine. He and his ministers can’t do all the spinning themselves. Maybe Auntie Sylvia or Show Mao, in emulation of a Tang dynasty official, can whisper this to the PAP, “behind closed doors”. Remember WP, yr mission is to preserve PAP hegemony.

**He used the phrase “worse-case scenario” when one LKY gave his Hard Truth on Malay Muslims not integrating.

  1. Quote of the day-Minister Khaw B W;” we plan for this but I sincerely hope that it will not be achieved”
    1,He knows PAP’s record of planning
    2.He does not like that plan
    3.Minister Khaw BW is a changed person,

  2. Khaw is a changed person??? In what way? He
    had only a heart Bypass, not a heart Transplant.

    He may be a bit embarrassed tho, as Tharman
    had to announce the latest cooling measures for
    housing, not him.

    Re he knows PAP’s record of planning. He should.
    He’s been in govt for yonks and is the party chair!
    As for him not liking the 69 plan, well no one’s
    stopping him from speaking out agst it, are they?
    He can even refuse to build flats in protest.

    Dowan to have him crying at a future election about
    how he had to bite his tongue over this, like a past
    party chair did re casinos.

  3. I prefer him wanting to set a world record of a very highly paid PLANNER who immediately declare that he wishes his plan would not materalise,PAP is crazy with world record,whatever that is.

  4. you better archive whatever is said and what Khaw said, because when you look back on this in 2030, the population would be 7 million, because, since 1990, population has been increasing 1 million every 10 years, and can this increase be natural?
    I don’t think so.
    And did PAP in the 90s say they were aiming for 5 million in 2010?
    I don’t think so.
    So what makes you think 7 million in 2030 won’t happen?
    And 8 million in 2040?

    Look at this:

    and this:
    “With a population of about five million now, the population could grow to six million 10 years later and seven million 20 years from today, he said.

    “I think we can squeeze a bit closer together but there is a limit to how much you can squeeze,” said Mr Lee.

    This means Singapore has to manage its inflow of foreign workers and be less dependent on them, and the country has to work harder to upgrade its productivity, skills and capabilities.

    “That’s what we must do if we are to grow over the next 10 years and beyond,” said Mr Lee. “It’s the only way we can grow in Singapore and improve the lives of our people.”

    That’s LHL.
    it’s firmly on the cards, and no fluke or “worst case scenario”.
    “worst case scenario”-speak is only to placate the angry mob.

  5. One wonders whether MM Lee still has a working brain?I do not think so,but it is just a wild guess.

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