“WP will vote for the White Paper,” Moley

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(Update after Auntie’s speech: Moley and I are most happy that we got it wrong. But let’s wait and see. I was happy about being wrong about Punggol East, until Low told us that a vote for the WP is a vote to maintain PAP hegemony)

Given the overwhelming majority of PAP Members of Parliament, there is no question where the debate will be heading – towards a total endorsement of the policy recommendations and continued population influx, despite the message sent to the PAP by the Punggol East electorate and many Singaporeans.

Dear readers, would you vote for your MP in GE 2016 if he or she approves of the immigration targets drawn up in the Population White Paper? (

Neat idea but what if WP votes for White Paper?

We got to vote for Mad Dog Chee’s elitist Singapore Indian Party SDP*, or No Substance**, or the Clowns Brigade: s/o JBJ, the Saints boy, SDA, or the Chiams, because Morocco Mole tells me that  the WP will vote for the White Paper too. Now Moley has been right about WP refusing to raise issue of public transport nationalisation in parly. (Sorry JG, GG never raised the issue as you claimed. He just asked the govt to justify its rojak policy and then when as you rightly pointed the minister gave an incoherent response, GG didn’t respond with a nationalisation call.)

Sure will have wayang by Drama King PritamS and Drama Auntie (Remember their rants against govt changes to the mandatory death penalty? They voted for the changes on the quiet, juz like PAP MPs. And remember WP voted for the Budgets, despite bitching about the said Budgets).

WP will vote for the White Paper. And unlike all the examples cited above of the WP quietly supporting the PAP, while attacking it publicly, WP is taking a principled stand on the issue. LTK and Auntie have been asking the govt to go easy on the policy of cutting FTs, speaking out against the govt’s policy (now discarded?***) of starving the SMEs of FTs. Chinese-owned SMEs  fund the WP on the quiet, so WP has to keep them happy.

And the PAP (the real deal) has just given WP the best excuse to support the White Paper:

— “Reiterating that the 6.9 million figure should be viewed as “the worst-case scenario”****, Mr Khaw wrote: “We hope we do not reach that figure; we may never reach that figure.”

–“Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said … he fully agrees with Mr Khaw’s explanation that a 6.9 million population is not a target, but just a worst-case, aggressive scenario the Government must prepare for.”

“Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office S Iswaran assures Singaporeans that the 6.9 million population figure in the White Paper is not a target the government is setting itself to achieve.”

(Excerpts from MediaCorp)

“6.9m? What 6.9m? Only projection, worse-case scenario, to spur debate leh,” WP Low will say, says Morocco Mole, Secret Squirrel’s side-kick. [This sentence was added an hour after initial publication.]

Which brings me to a suggestion on helping us monitor and assess a MP’s performance (from

Each MP should put up a yearly account to their constituents of what they did or said in Parliament. How many sessions did they turn up for? How many Bills did they vote on – and what did they say about them in Parliament? How many questions did they ask from ministers – both oral and written. What sort of answers did they get – and did the questions work in getting things done? … this keeps constituents politically attuned and keeps the MPs accountable. Simply saying vote for me again (I am looking ahead to the next GE) because I am kind, good, committed etc and my party has done what and what… isn’t good enough. Thing is, what have YOU done lately for me as my voice in Parliament?

But I doubt WP would adopt such a first-world practice of transparency and accountability. It would make transparent the WP’s two-headed snake strategy of being all things to all voters.

If ordinary netizens want the WP to vote against the White Paper, please start sending a strong message to the WP: use TRE, even TOC, or email direct to WP.

*I mean both SDP candidates were highly qualified Indians from very, very privileged backgrounds. They couldn’t claim, like s/o JBJ, that they were rich kids made poor by the PAP. But maybe they could argue that their families have been wealthier if the PAP had not come into power? Seriously, maybe the SDP is an elitist party that believes “multiracialism” is more than “an aspiration”: the voters are colour-blind? Says a lot for SDP’s idealism vis-a-vis that of the PAP and WP.

**NSP is getting its act together policy-wise: a good piece on population, responding to the White Paper And in working the ground. The problems lie in internal bickering and giving the WP the excuse to “knife” the NSP. An example of the latter: a prominent blogger who juz happens to be a NSP member was very vocal in his attacks on the WP’s leaders and followers during the recent by-election campaign. He accused them of PAP-like arrogance. (Even I won’t go that far in criticising the WP.). While I’m sure, the NSP had no hand in his attacks, which sounded as though they were written by s/o JBJ, it could cause trouble. NSP had no quarrel with WP over the by-election, yet its member felt free to attack WP. Low is very correct in telling his activists to toe the party line on the internet and social media. It could lead to misunderstandings. The WP now has the perfect excuse to move into Tampines, Marine Parade, Kallang and Mountbatten: a NSP member savaged WP on the internet and the NSP kept quiet would be the WP excuse.

***I’m confused. Cutting FT supply but by growing it?

****Shades of Yaacob, Remember he said this when one LKY shouted a Hard Truth about Malay Muslims.

  1. I would vote for WP and I do not blame WP for not bringing up the issue of public transport nationalisation in parly,because they already are.SMRT.SBS, etc who are the majority owner of these companies?check SES.
    “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”-names are used so that 61% very CLEVER voters could be confused and will not link PAP with train/bus fares!.
    WP should NOT vote for 7 million population as this is their secret weapon given by God to take over in 2016.

  2. Re : Voting

    I got no idea how WP will vote, though I’ve a strong hunch they are not stupid.

    BTW, my guess is that PAP will conclude the Parliament discussion WITHOUT calling for a vote. They are slowly moon-walking backwards (MJ-style) after they begin to realise the poison they’ve cooked up. I don’t think they wll force their MPs to drink it. Just talk about it, thats all.

    Regarding WP voting – do not believe everything what you read fr ST. Here’s my recent exchange with Yee JJ from the WP on this topic :
    Go to almost the bottom of that page (or, search for “JG”).

    • Taz interesting. Though I don’t think i ever blogged that WP voted for salary review. But he never talked about budget, which I learnt via DPM Teo’s comments. I had tot an absentation was the best way of showing a principled stand. I bitched abt GG’s change from Manifesto, like DPM Teo.

      • Projected 7 million population is probably the most interesting political topic for Singapore voters,pro or anti-PAP,they would not take kindly to any political party that refuses to discuss this topic,simply say some thing rational (which is not difficult to find at all)will gain them votes,whether they are from PAP or WP,watch what PAP MPs say,with maximum restraint,WP Ms Lim’s speech (mentioned briefly in news) about increase productivity,female and senior citizens’s contribution are part of the solution which PAP refuses to consider.I hope she would mention that one of the big drag in productivity is the foreign labour.Call the banks,courier companies,service companies,you know the answer.

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  4. wroooooooong. paiseh. useless.

  5. Wrong prediction.. Moley sukx ass…

    • Moley says if Low can get Yaw so wrong, why can’t he get WP’s stance wrong once. He also points out WP could have changed mind from time he told me to parly seating. He also say watch to see what Low doesn’t say. ))))

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