ST editor calls leading economists and us daft

In Economy, Humour, Political economy, Political governance on 12/02/2013 at 6:06 am

According to ST editor Han Fook Kwang in his weekly SunT column (pg 37) “it isn’t possible for ordinary Singaporeans to absorb and fully understand all the arguments and implications. arguments and implications highlighted in the Population White Paper”. Hence our opposition. Hello Mr Han, so how come four leading S’porean economists, scholars all wrote this (I’m linking to this republishing ’cause of the comments section)

So these four are daft too?

He was riffing on what the PM said, “Govt could have presented Population White Paper better”. And going further anddaring to call us openly what PM didn’t dare?

So how come,

— the Chief Communications Officer of the govt, s/o the former disgraced president,

— an unemployed MP who was the head of the regional business of an int’l PR firm,

— the editorial teams at SPH and MediaCorp,

— CoC Yaacob and his team at the Ministry of Truth & Spin, and

— the numerous PR senior managers in the govt and its agencies,

didn’t advise the PM and DPM Teo to take account of our daftness when presenting the PWP?

They too out of touch with us daftees? Or they dafter than us? Or did PM and DPM Teo ignore their advice? Hence they more dafter than everyone else in S’pore.

The ST Managing Editor, as a member of the Dark Side, should be using his skills to prevent us from thinking? Not provoking us to think “unhealthy”, non-constructive tots: like there are daft Men In White on the Dark Side.

  1. ST editor Han Fook Kwang could well be right. As the white paper is really such a shoddy and unprofessional piece of work trying to masquerade as an exhaustive disquisition. When all it is, is a bias, badly thought out and academically dubious report that even lacks the basic underpinnings, one would probably expect from a first year university thesis.

    So if he claims that most people do not understand it. I agree with him completely.

    How can they possibly understand it? When so much has been elided, embellished and exaggerated to lend support to the crumbly notion we need to put our population on steroids.

    Nowhere in the white paper if you notice does it even discuss how all this may affect middle class professionals.

    So once again. I understand completely why Mr Han mentioned, “not everyone can understand it.”

    Recently a good friend of mine asked me whether it would be a good idea to organize a consortium to do bio research into orchids in Singapore in a big way.

    I recommended him to contact the trade investment authority in Dubai.

    The moral of the story is. Govts are not the only ones who can plan, calibrate and even set the best course.

    I wish to stress this to “journalist” like Mr Han and the political apparachiks he serves that Individuals and especially the middle class men can and will also plan, calibrate and even set the best course of action against this sham of ramping up the population.

    No one can blame them. They have lost so much and all tha Mr Han is doing is just stirring up a lot of hatred, emnity and mistrust between the people and the PAP.

    I highly recommend Mr Han to try his hand at writing instruction manuals on how to operate tractors. I believe his skill sets are wasted in ST.

    Good day and do have a great CNY

    Darkness 2013

    (relayed by satline 838-828200-AJ)

  2. Now PAP had the justification to ‘recruit’ FTs into the civil service & eventually the government. This confirmed PAP’s strong belief was absolutely right i.e. this country got no talent, not even within PAP.

    • Billy,This country got many talents but NO within the PAP,the 4 ecomists who exposed the 4 myths are Talents.

  3. Perhaps the reason we all cant understand the white paper is because we all know for a fact that taking in 2 million more people at about the same clip as we took in the last 2 million DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE in every way AND IS SUICIDE for spore? Especially since the govt has shown it is unable to handle the problems caused by having the first lot of 2 million and we feel adverse effects from having so many so fast!.

    So basically, we are all astounded at the gall and the stupidity of the govt in going for such a devt.

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