Top story here here? ST & BBC

In Media on 17/02/2013 at 7:00 am

BBC Online carried a headline on its global news Home Page linking to a story  on the crowd protesting about Population White Paper

ST carried the story on page 4. The front page carried  a story on a standard, nothing new,  speech by PM. S’pore the new North Korea?


  1. Thank you for pointing this out,this is a Personal Tragedy for Straits Times editor Warren Fernandez,who intentionally missed out what he is supposed to do in his life,his is a wasted life.

  2. Well if a newspaper doesn’t even report the news. Then thinking folk will eventually ask where should they get their news from?

    Now you know why the Internet is such a big headache for the custodians of power.

    And if a journalist doesn’t even have the professional underpinnings to conduct himself by the norms of a vocation that he or she is supposed to belong too.

    Then it is really only a matter of time before thinking folk will demand to know – WHO does the “journalist” in ST serve at the end of the day?

    It’s definitely not the reading public. So Cui Bono?

    Now you understand the sad story of how a political outfit can dig a hole for itself and even fall right into it.

    Darkness 2013

  3. No big deal for the 1% and the elites. Still business as usual. Golden age especially over the next 6 months. They are only interested to make more hay while the sun still shines. Already built bastions of wealth all around the world in case shit hits the fan. They will still have another 10-12 years at least of full power. More than enough time to whip the bleating daft sheep to continue reeling in the GDP to feed another 5-6 of their generations.

  4. The Pappies are pathetic.

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