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S’pore wants to be high-tech centre. But where are the S’pore equivalents of

— The computer scientist and psychologist Noel Sharkey has, however, found 14 companies in Japan and South Korea that are in the process of developing childcare robots.

South Korea has already tried out robot prison guards, and three years ago launched a plan to deploy more than 8,000 English-language teachers in kindergartens.

— At just 130cm high, Honda’s Asimo jogs around on bended knee like a mechanical version of Dobby, the house elf from Harry Potter. He can run, climb up and down stairs and pour a bottle of liquid in a cup.

Since 1986, Honda have been working on humanoids with the ultimate aim of providing an aid to those with mobility impairments.

And the govt’s plans to move into space dovetails with robotics are man is becoming redundant in space. Robots are leading the way there. Man is just a passenger. In the early days of the space race between the US and USSR, America’s finest (its test pilots) were reluctant to become astronauts because they tot the job entailed being “a monkey with a stick”. They weren’t that wrong.

  1. The PAP is very proud that its Singapore has been declared top in Asia.
    Obviously it has no idea that people know that many poor western universities are now school shop 學店 (Uniiversity where degree can be bought with money) INSEAD is probably not far away if it insists to be poor.
    CNA: S’pore ranked most innovative country in Asia
    Back to your subject,you are right,even China is far ahead of Singapore in Robot now.
    CHINA ROBOT – 中国机器人网
    Brief introduction Beijing Research Institute of Automation for Machinery Industry(RIAMB), targeting at manufacturing automation , is engaged in development … .

  2. As the most innovative country in Asia,PAP’s TMH should open its first Robot-Operated Restaurant in Singapore yesterday,Madam Ho???
    China opens Robot-Operated Restaurant in Harbin “中国打开操作机器人餐厅在哈尔
    http://www.yot-Operated Restaurant

  3. that spore has been deemed the most innovative country in the world is an absolute scream. who can believe any of these ratings after a claim like this.

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