Err, why not invented here?

In Political economy on 14/03/2013 at 6:57 am

This was republished from a UK paper by MediaCorp’s free sheet. I think it was meant to show that we can make things cheaper (all those FTs by the cattle-truck load) and better than the UK: .

But, a true blue S’porean might wonder why despite all the money thrown on R&D, and all the praise that our MSM reports on our “innovation”, things like this get invented in the UK, a place that one LKY used to rubbish regularly.


  1. Under the leadership of brilliant law maker Mr Lee K Y,Singapore top policies makers were very innovative in inventing COE,ERP, etc,unfortunately their hearts were not in the right place.
    Our beloved LKY is smart –

  2. CI

    The answer to your query.

    Let me ask you how many families will allow their children to fail and to play.

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