So SPF didn’t pursue “every lead and examine the different angles thoroughly”?

In Political governance on 15/03/2013 at 6:02 am

Until the US told S’pore to,”wake up yr ideas”?

Oh the shame of being a S’porean. Our SPG SPF investigators are negligent, blind as bats, not trained to recognise PC peripherals or just plain dumb. And this is after the failure to put a terrorist fugitive’s close relative’s home under surveillance (he dropped in to hide), after a senior police man tot nothing of having an affair that he publicly admitted, and where an investigator is undergoing disciplinary proceedings for a possible ang moh kaw tua kee attitude.

A few weeks ago, I was reading my Saturday FT. There was a long story on a death by hanging of a young American scientist here. As I was reading the story, it was clear that his parents were kicking up a fuss, saying that the S’pore police was not doing a good job investigating the death (they still do). Well they were in grief, that was to be expected, and given what they were alleging, some really wacko stuff, that their allegations of police failures had to be discounted. This is S’pore, not Hicksville USA or some third world country. I was going to give up reading the piece and complain to FT about the trash they were reporting.

Then I read that our police investigators did not secure a hard drive. The dead American’s parents said it was lying on a table in full view of anyone in the room, that they didn’t know what it was, but took it away anyway, then found out that it was a hard drive that contained files from his office PC (and which now our police want access to).

The fact that our police failed to secure a hard drive made me understand his parents apprehensions and anger: we were Hicksville USA or some third world country, and the FT was right to report the story. The police had secured his PC and mobile phone but not a hard drive that was allegedly in full view on a table. If the police could be so sloppy, or worse, anything is possible. As the Population White Paper shows, a sloppy, slip-shod, careless mistake can undermine any attempt to be authoritative

We S’poreans have been told by govt ministers, PAP MPs and an NMP (who was a PAPpie once) that bitching too loud about the policy of letting in FTs by the cattle-truck load, was not good for S’pores image, and could jeopardise economic growth because FTs will be scared away.

How come the same people don’t complain that incompetent police investigation could jeopardise our economy? I mean Foreign Talents may not want to live in a place where the police can’t secure a hard drive (which they now say could contain important evidence).

Now the SPF has invited the FBI to help it, something that it had earlier resisted. In a statement, our embassy in the U.S said that the investigation that began with the Todd death in June is “still ongoing and the Singapore Police will pursue every lead and examine examine the different angles thoroughly.” Not done before? An “honest mistake”? More likely, an avoidable mistake.

Then CNA reported Singapore’s Foreign Minister K Shanmugam said authorities are “committed to getting to the bottom” of the death of an American researcher in Singapore last year … Speaking in Washington, Mr Shanmugam said Singapore has invited the United States to audit the relationship between Todd’s employer, the Institute of Microelectronics, and the Chinese telecoms giant Huawei.

This is total abject surrender by S’pore of its sovereign rights. Might as well accede to the parents’ demand that the FBI supervise our SPF’s investigation? Surprised that these country folk, didn’t demand that the SEALs, Delta Force and the Marines invade S’pore to forcibly secure their son’s body and possessions?

Sorry, I forgot that our boys in blue really goofed up, and added unnecessary mental anguish to the grieving parents. Death of a child is hard to take: the possibility that he may have committed suicide is even harder to take. Best to go into denial and blame it on a conspiracy.

The least DPM Teo can do to limit damage to the police’s image locally and internationally, is to announce publicly that the members of the team that initially investigated the hanging have been replaced*. Pigs would fly first though sadly, even though I have heard on the grapevine that there have changes in the team that originally investigated the hanging. This being the PAP govt, it refuses to acknowledge that anything can go wrong in govt, until  too late.
And would Mrs Chiam or a PAP MP ask DPM Teo the outcome, if any, of the internal police disciplinary inquiry into the conduct of the investigator who, on the face of it, took a tidak apa, ang moh tua kee attitude when two true blue S’poreans were brutally assaulted by three ang moh caws? Two of whom skipped bail, one of whom got PR status after the assault. Another “honest mistake”?
*And announce that the same team that visited film-maker Lynn Lee’s home at night, to secure her handphone and laptop because the police were investigating a film she made where PRC FT  SMRT drivers alleged that they were mistreated by the police. Now they are on the bola, zealous cops.
  1. There was also another case of Indonesia parents blamed the SPF for poor investigation previously,another student from NTU in some research project.

  2. They will cower and bow to Uncle Sam.

    Spineless and cowards against all except their own citizenry who they will trample only becos they can.

  3. All I can said is the caliber of SPF is subpar. They really need to raise the pay and the bar.

    • Ya, when senior policeman takes risk of getting free oral sex, shows that got he no money to party like the ang mohs at Marina Sands.

  4. Is all good isn’t it. Karma has a way to come back and bite you.

    We welcome Foreign Talents like FBI or what not to come in and add spurs and competitiveness to our SPF. We need them and it can only be good for our country. It goes both ways – for the citizens and the government.

    Besides, aren’t they also highly paid like the private sector because they benchmark their performance against it? So if they can’t deliver, they walk. Simple as that.

    So why are Singaporeans defending your country sovereignty here? Did they protect you when they let those foreign talents and trashes by the millions walk and kick all over you?
    Let them have a taste of their own medicine lah. Just sit back and watch. Maybe there’s more to the eyes , you never know. Blind loyalty and uncritical thinking doesn’t help anyone.

  5. But I wonder why the MSM covered up this case earlier until FT published the report,as far as I know,MSM only interested is to cover the TRUTH!

  6. Why so defensive? Already screwed up what! Why does sinkies always think they are better than everyone else in the world?

  7. Just like the shortfalls in our transport, housing and health etc, the Home Security did not keep pace and there is a shortage of manpower.
    The death had already occurred, so what looked like suicide must be suicide and that was that, or so the investigating officer thought.
    As you have alluded, manpower is better deployed to vigorously intimidate any potential critic of the system and power structure.

  8. It’s a real shame that SG has to bowl to the US of A re investigation. But that’s what you get when you are so enamoured of Western talent that even those straight out of U ( some got doctorates) can come to SG to head teams/depts! Fr a good laugh at what happened at Sembawang Media a life-time ago, go to this link
    n u will see what I mean 🙄

    • Sad but in this case is the fault of the police that we kanna bully by US. I’ll blog on the SPO of how the police decide to classify whether it could be suicide, don’t know or possible murder. If they think it is suicide,sloppy work follows. One criteria is the state of room. If neat and tidy, then “suicide’ is likely immediate reaction. But anyway, missing a hard drive is incompetency.

  9. I hate to riposte but the hard disk drive was claimed to have been recovered by the grieving parents. Let’s not assume it’s the real mcCoy till all stones have been turned or upturned.

    • No need to be like that. Never snap off the heads of those who make gd points. Gd point about waiting. Esp now as the matter has gone int’l. I have no doubt that everything will be “open and transparent” esp on any goof-ups the police may have made. “Honest mistakes” not “cover-ups”.

  10. “In the course of its investigation, the Police had examined the deceased’s computers and a hard disk drive. This disk drive was subsequently handed over, with acknowledgement, to the next-of-kin. Should the next-of-kin be in possession of other evidence, they should provide it to the Police to assist in their investigations.”

    You want to know why Singaporeans always get walked over by expats ? Because we let them.

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