Lions XII! Lions XII!: Where only talent counts

In Footie on 01/04/2013 at 6:40 am

Keep up the gd work. Show the FAS that the “S” stands for S’pore, not “Serbia”. And that S’pore has home-grown talent that can whack the M’sians. And that S’poreans welcome FTs where the “T” stands for “Talent” not “Trash” as in case of SGX.

Coming to SGX, waz point of having FTs as MD and COO (and wanting FTs for six more posts as of late last yr) when 60% of daily volume comes from retail investors (ST report today)? FTs were brought in to bring in foreign biz, not to live off the fat of local punters.

  1. FT employ FT,but Singapore employers must be made to employ Singapore citizens,this is the hard fact of life in Singapore.
    “T” stands for “Trash” in case of SGX where you notice because you are the cynical investor but in Singapore in general.Many are “Trash” some are average workers like our own citizens except they hold a different passport.

  2. Jack, do you realize that Singapore employers can also be FT. I don’t know if that is the problem or not but FT with fake degrees has no problem becoming CEO COO or Director. Yes talent but what about integrity ? What about Directors code of conduct ? Fake degrees reflects dishonesty right ? Don’t tell me, as long as there is more “fat of local punters” to live off is it all ok.

    I am not talking hypothetical. One clear recent example is Si2i (Mediaring) appointed talent CEO

    This dude was going around with a degree mill PHD for many years

    Dr. CEO retracted his Dr title but never admitted it. As CEO of Si2i he has the same behaviour to investors. Asking for more trust and patience from investors, not even a proper apology for rock bottom market performance.

    Such CEO will normally be out in no time. But in FT company they have different rules of the game. Investors still trust because media, SIAS don’t do their job. Perfect for scams.

  3. @BlackSheep,thank you
    In the land of the free,they have cases of such discrimination,so how can Singapore be so special?of course,PAP MPs would not dare even to mention it least they themselves are branded by PAP as xenophobic ,such is the state of this pathetic so called COUNTRY which demands all its sons to sweat two years for it.
    As far as I am concerned,the boss of SIA(Investors) is more interested to be in the good book of PAP rather than anything else,it is a tool to be used by this chap who ran away and returned from my country.

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