HSBC: London & Greater China Bank

In Banks on 02/04/2013 at 5:16 pm

The map shows HSBC’s biz in terms of loans made as of 2010. S’pore is up there with China, Brazil, Oz and UAE. After the UK, Greater China (HK, China and S’pore) comes second. The bank is running down its US loan portfolio with continuing sales and write-downs.

BTW, the Argies are trying to shake down HSBC, accusing it of money laundering.

  1. not on HSBC, but did you hear about this- – DBS’ CEO is paid more than the CEOs of Deutsche Bank and Barclays!

  2. “Greater China (HK, China and S’pore) ?”-Greater China 大中國區, for us Chinese helicopters means China,HK,Taiwan in general,excluing Singapore.I wonder which Ang Mo expert includes Singapore in 大中國區,I am very sure that 99% of Chinese in China and probably 100% of Chinese in HK and Taiwan would not agree,my personal preference is to include Singapore into Greater Malay Region ( Malaysia,Singapore,Indonesia,The Philippines) ,this is where we belong,people who like curry belachan and chilli.

    • Malay countries don’t want us.In fact it is ultra nationalist “strategists” in Indon and M’sia who still consider us as “Third China”.70% of S’poreans ethnically Chinese, and it is clear to many S’poreans (even those who went to Catholic or Chinese High) that the govt wants PRCs to increase the number of Chinese here.

      • One can choose his friends but not his mother,geography dictates that our Singapore belongs to the Greater Malay Area 大馬來語區
        We did pretty well with the Chinese in Malaysia as the ever grateful Malaysian Chinese are strong supporters of PAP,but Chinese from China are an entirely different kettle of fish,nobody nor country can be compared with their motherland 祖國 which is actually in danger of breaking up soon.

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