Another gd reason why Todd’s parents are suspicious? And US pushy?

In Public Administration on 03/04/2013 at 6:40 am

Something bothered me about the way the police was handling the Shane Todd case (other than the hard drive that his parents alleged they found). But I couldn’t place my finger on what was it that was bothering me..

Then last Thursday, I read this: An inquest into the death of exiled Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky is due to open later.

Mr Berezovsky, 67, was found dead on Saturday on a bathroom floor at his home in Ascot, Berkshire. BBC Online on Thursday 28th March.

Then I knew what had been bothering me: the length of time it was taking the inquest to be held prior to the FT report in February. The inquest in the UK was happening less than a week after the death, Shane Todd’s inquest date is almost a yr after his death.The coroner’s inquiry into the death of American researcher Shane Todd will start on May 13 … Last June, 31-year-old Dr Todd was found hanged in his Singapore apartment in what appeared to be suicide. CNA on 26th March.

Although, I didn’t do crime or death when I was practicising law many yrs ago, I didn’t remember ever hearing it taking so long for an inquest to be held in the late 1970s. And those were the dark agges: it could take three to four years before the High Court heard a case. Between JBJ and LKY, this was sorted out in the late 80s.

I asked around and was told that is that it is very unusual for an inquest to be held almost a year after the death. A more typical response is several months after the incident: The delay is not usual especially as it had been classified as “suspected suicide”. Usually, the investigating officer wants to close the file ASAP when it is classified as “suspected suicide”. The case of a lady who jumped to her death was cited to me: the inquest was held about three months after her death.

Only, cases classified as “suspicious” take a long time to reach the inquest stage, the investigating officer having satisfied himself and his superiors on the cause of death.

So the parents, and the US senator and the govt, have reasonable grounds to put pressure on S’pore to move on the case: it wasn’t just the external drive. Of course, the delay could have due to the parents causing the police grief with their queries. Still, the fact that the FT reported the story in late February, and the US senator and govt intervening soon afterwards, makes one wonder if the inquest was called in response to US pressure. And that leaves one wondering why a “suspected suicide” took so long to reach the inquest stage.

The SPF have plenty of explaining to do. There is the

— reason for classifying case as “suicide” but sitting on an inquest call;

— if there was a need to investigate further, why the classification was not changed to “suspicious”;

— missing the external drive; and

— changing its mind on FBI help.

And all this in a case that involves the hegemon’s concerns (reasonable or otherwise) about “reds under the bed”. The FT reported recently that more than a quarter of US companies surveyed by the American Chamber of Commerce in China say they have had trade secrets stolen or compromised through cyber attacks on their China operations, And involving a S’pore govt research institute that gets US research money but was trying to do a deal with a Chinese co that the US has been targeting for yrs: suspecting it of being an arm of the Chinese govt with a mission of stealing secrets from the West (rightly or wrongly)

I don’t envy the investigating officer and those who secured the premises. Nor the administrators at the research institute responsible for the proposal to the Red company and selecting Todd to work on the project.

Related post When TRE republished this, shumeone posted this rebuttal to the parents’ conspiracy theory:” If SPF secure the hard drive in the first place, this conspiracy will be covered up and not known to the world. By the time USA found out, they will be screwed really hard by China.”

  1. As an old Singapore citizens,my experience tell me in Singapore,when something is unusual,then it is unusual,I can think of the other thing,the PAP controlled MSM first tried to conceal this news,it is something unusual for such cases involve government employed foreigner ,for such a red dot.I hope now with Uncle Sam’s direct involvement,Shene Todd can RIP.

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  3. From the accounts I have read, the Spore investigators Didn’t secure Todd’s rental home. His parents were apparently shocked to find the place unlocked.

    It would be interesting to compare this lapse time betw death and inquest with that of the Indonesian student who is supposed to have killed himself after stabbing his lecturer. The student’s body had a number of unexplained stab wounds.

    All these odd goings-on gives one little confidence in official investigative efforts. Look at what’s happening with the CPIB in the ”sex” trials, the third of which in recent months is now being heard in court.

  4. I am fairly certain I read somewhere (and have since seen nothing of it) that upon inspection of the area where he was supposed to have been hung, there was no trace of how the hanging took place, (the rope was supposed to be secured to hook/bolt in the wall?). Will there be photo’s of the scene at the inquest available for public view?

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