The April Fools joke is on the govt

In Media, Political governance on 03/04/2013 at 7:36 am

Private daily newspapers are being sold in Burma for the first time in almost 50 years, as a state monopoly ends.

Sixteen papers have so far been granted licences, although only four were ready to publish on Monday.

This is another important milestone on Burma’s journey away from authoritarian rule, the BBC’s Jonathan Head reports from the commercial capital, Rangoon (BBC report on 1 April).

Yet our president has the cheek on 1 April to say. “We want to see Myanmar succeed, and are prepared to do whatever is within our means to support this transition towards democracy and steady development.”

“Where Myanmar goes, S’pore doesn’t dare follow” is what he should be saying.

Update at 10.20 — Forgot to mention that people don’t need a licence to protest: peaceful demonstrations are not an issue.

  1. President Tony Tan from Anglican Church is a rather humble man,he did not say publicly that we did it,taking credit for the “Constructive Engagement Policy of ASEAN”, like the thinking PAP “Apologist” in the University.

  2. Your writing has improved lately.. 🙂

  3. I saw him and Mrs Tan at St George’s Church service several before,he may be RC,I remember I read some where that he is an Anglican,I am sure that he worships Almighty God.
    St George’s Church –

    • Wah didn’t realise you member of elite. All the S’poreans I know who attend St George’s are elite. Either that or “ang moh tua kee”. LOL

      • I am not an elite,probably belong to the camp that “can’t make it”,I went to St George’s Church because at that time,I was putting up around that area.Thanks

  4. Talk is cheap

  5. Prez TT isn’t RC. He went to St Pat’s n SJI but that don’t make him RC. Annabel Chong went to a convent (she claims) but she’s Protestant.

    • OK then, so blame my mistake on ST/MediaCorp journalist. He told me categorically that TT is RC. Should have known better than to trust ST journalist. LOL.

  6. Not the first mistake by ST/MediaCorp apologists,definitely will not be their last.It is now time for all PAP apologists to know their position in life and their furture.

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