SDP lost the plot on Fandi Ahmad article

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How come other ex-millionaires who face or go thru hard times because they screwed up or were plain unlucky (or both) don’t get the sympathy that this ex-millionaire gets from SDP?

SDP was trying to be too clever by half: Nowhere in the article, which can be read here, did we say – or give the impression – that Mr Fandi and Mr Pathmanathan had endorsed our policies. True up to a point. But this post on TRE gets it about right in its criticism of the SDP: I like SDP, really. but in this case I am very disappointed with their post relating to fandi.

It is lame excuse to say that they are not using fandi to pursue their political objective. Personally I like their alternative plan, but it is WRONG to make use of fandi’s name to propagate their views.

In life things go wrong all the time and people, including celebrities are not immune.

So if SDP’s line of excuse is allowed, than any advertiser of any product can simply quote, if xxxx had bought my product, this misfortune yyy would not happen…blah blah blah. Advertisers will just wait and see for yyy to happen and then jump in.

How can one be so dishonest as to borrow the fame of another person and take advantage of his misfortune in order to propagate a message?

The constructive, nation-building New Paper had got some things right in its criticism on SDP’s article.

  1. When was the last time New Paper wrote about SDP’s policies? Has it even criticized those policies in the paper? If not, what is their sudden interest in SDP policies except to slam the party? NP is just a PAP propaganda tool.

    • And since when SDP took an interest in footie or the plight of ex-millionaires? NP has the excuse that having Fandi on cover sells papers

  2. I am not sure illustrating the plight of Fandi means using him to pursue a political objective. Would u rather they have nothing to say or not bring it up, like the WP? LOL

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  4. New Paper reported that it was SDP’s chairman Jufri Mahmood who suggested the idea of using Fandi Ahmad. Now everyone knows that Jufri is out to make SDP being condemned. Jufri is former WP member, IIRC?

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