People who deserve tax-payers’ help & those who don’t

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Uncle Leong wrote this not all the poor medical students get help. Good point to counter govt spin on it helping less well-off S’poreans get a uni education.

But it’s a lousy example to use because once the doctors qualify dollars rain on them.

Remember, the losing PAP candidate at Punggol East? According to the constructive, nation-building media, he was a poor  Punggol boy made good via his medical studies. He makes so much $ that he forgot that a two-car family even among professionals is not that common. He tot it was the norm! Bet you he thinks a Mercedes SL and a Porsche SUV and a District 10 bungalow are standard for a professional couple.

And look at the staff car parks at S’pore General Hospital: full of BMWs, Lexus and Mercedes. Can’t be admin staff or nurses? While there are many issues for doctors to consider whether to remain in govt service, they can earn five figure salaries after a few yrs of service.

Poor medical students will have monetary problems (like all poor people), but once they become doctors, the world is their oyster.

What what about this chap? His daughter is going to make serious money, either here or abroad, when she qualifies: so why the sense of entitlement? This despite her lack of four As, but he demands that she shld get into  NUS medical school because it would mean he doesn’t have to sell his flat to finance her studies. I know of kids who have four As who can’t get in. Yet their parents don’t bitch. They get on with financing their kids.

But his sense of entitlement is nothing compared to this guy who bot his son a car for son’s use during NS He has plenty of money, so sit down and shut up.

The ones who need our sympathy and help are those caught in the cycle of despair like And the three examples here cited by SDP (no not ex-millionaire Fandi, or once well-off Terry*).

The cleaner and the three examples cited by the SDP are people who are unable to help themselves: they are like people who need wheel-chairs but don’t have them because they can’t afford them.

They need and deserve tax-payers’ funding to lead dignified but frugal lives because they are unable to help themselves.

Now back to those who don’t deserve tax-payers’ money. Fandi, Terry, the guy who can’t sell his car, the chap who invests in his daughter, and poor medical students are Singaporeans who are in a position to help themselves lead the good life: even a luxurious life.

The two wo guys financing their kids’ overseas studies seem to be bitching that they are entitled to gold and ivory, electrical-powered  wheel-chairs at the expense of other S’poreans. This seems to sum them up:

Chong Pei Lin:

People who are anti-PAP carry personal grievances. If their kids cannot get into a good school, it is the govt’s fault. They will never admit that their kids are not good enough for that school. If the MRT is crowded, it is the govt fault. They will never admit that trains in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai are crowded too during peak hours when everyone is going to work or knocking off from work all at the same time.

*They by all accounts still live well, certainly better than the three cases and the cleaner. And going by what they said, Terry and Fandi bitched to the constructive, nation-building media about the SDP story, ’cause the SDP didn’t give them any goodies for using their name in vain? They forget that the local media does that too, to sell newspapers. Yet they don’t mind. But when the SDP tries to explain its policies (and misguidedly used their names in a good cause), they are upset. and Fandi is consulting his lawyers with a view to suing the SDP.

  1. The issues you raised are more complex than just taxpayer subsidies. People pay taxes and should expect services in return. Singapore government has always tried to micro-manage university education. According to Wikileak, Singapore government acted to suppress the pool of college graduates. Many parents have not expected to spend their lifesavings or borrow to send their children overseas to receive a college education. Of course they have the right to complain especially when foreigners are given preferences over locals in some cases.

    • Pls read what I said. I did not make general statements about uni education for locals. I made specific pts about a “lousy” set of results and getting into NUS medical school, and the bitch about a rich man not being able to sell car.

      • I am curious why you think all medical students must have 4 A’s. Why don’t you write about increasing the intake of students into medicine and law? Your old age will be served well if there is an abundance of doctors in Singapore.

      • Pls go read what I said. I never what you juz attributed to me.

  2. Right, foreigners are entitled to our schools here, whilst our local children are banned from applying for the ASEAN scholarship….Is Singapore not part of ASEAN.

  3. Let the truth speak for itself.
    The fact that there are increasing grievances with the govt obviously stems from some policy which the govt implemented and tilted the playing field. Seen such anger and opening airing of grievances in the decade b4?
    We can debate till the cows come home on whether SGporeans have an entitlement mentality.. But it doesn’t matter. Just rmbr to select the ones who can properly represent u come 2016.

  4. oute

    There are no foreign scholarship students in medicine/dentistry except for very exceptional cases which applies to this day.
    Just look at your fav oppo MO Chen Show Mao who went into law because medical studies were denied more than 20 years ago.
    Even in some blogs highlighted this fact where everyone was singaporean except for 1 pr in the whole class at present thru some blogs mentioned in Singapore daily.

    Agree with CI some are in more need of help rather than those who feel entitled.

    Further Xmen,
    even MOJ have already stated that they are willing to subsidise a significant amount but bond will be applied which some do not want to as they prefer to go to private sector.

    That angry father is paying full fees that is why the medical school still accepts, if this was the local subsidised place, only the best results which means almost 100 for each subject am aware because cousins with As do not get in, they need equivalent of A*.

    • Don’t bother setting Xmen right. He netizen of Minister Zorro: deaf frog. Plus he needs new glasses.

    • This has nothing to do with entitlement. The issue here is the small class size. Previously, it was government policy to artificially limit the number of locally educated doctors and lawyers. But given the lack for doctors and lawyers today, why not significantly increase the class size? Btw, 4 A’s don’t guarantee you a place in Oxford or Harvard. So I don’t understand the mentality that 4 A’s are required to study medicine or law. Many geniuses are not 4 As students.

      • As you said yrself “previously”. Go chk the increase in intake. And I hope you realise that Harvard, Oxford etc also take into consideration donations to the endowment funds. Rich, dumb kids can get in. I would appreciate it if you get yr facts right before posting. This is not TRE or TOC.

      • As I said previously, the issue here is complex. Harvard/Oxford are private universities. NTU/NUS are public universities. I hope I have my facts right. Perhaps the “increase” in intake can still be “increased” further since demands by students and the healthcare field are currently very high.

    • This is not entirely true. ASEAN scholarship (the one from MFA) holders are allowed to enter the medicine/dentistry faculty. Well, at least in the early 2000s.

  5. Means testing is applicable here???

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